We are SO upset to hear that Sacha Baron Cohen has been banned from the Oscars! According to, Cohen was expected to attend with the cast of his movie Hugo but the Academy has pulled his tickets even though he’s an Academy member! The reason is that Cohen submitted a proposal to the Academy that he walk the red carpet in full costume as his title character in The Dictator, with the intention of donning a tuxedo after that for the show. The straitlaced Academy didn’t just TURN DOWN the idea, they banned him altogether. Must this dull award show be taken so SERIOUSLY?



  1. True s.l..I’m wondering how is this an insult or in poor taste. The u.s. presidents have dictated to assassinated other foreign heads of state. The piece of shit in office now took our americans in ndaa act and dictated to assassinate other heads of states.

    American pres/ dictator has allowed banks to steal a country, towns, cities to own and people don’t say squat. I see where he is going.

  2. Omg, I just can’t wait for the Oscar awards! I don’t think Cohen will be missed that much by anyone watching or attending the awards show. Too much other eye candy happening for anyone to care whether he attends or not.

  3. Cohen’s schtick is getting old, but banning him is lame too. This might have been the only interesting part of the evening!

  4. Its a biz deal. If he shows up in his character then all actors could show up in character, ugh. He’s trying to use the Oscars to hype his flick, they are correct to say no.

  5. To say that I’m not a huge fan of Sacha’s is an understatement — BORAT was a VERY mean-spirited movie that got its laughs out of making fun of well-meaning, generally good people. The segment that upset me most was when he left w/out paying for the bed and breakfast room, run by a sweet, older Jewish couple, after wondering if the couple had horns on their heads. VERY distressing. He SLIGHTLY redeemed himself for me after his wonderful performance in HUGO. Janet, I don’t blame the Academy for banning him — and besides, it’s gonna be a great show w/ Billy Crystal back as host! Not to mention, THE DICTATOR looks like a truly awful movie — Charlie Chaplin did it much better! 🙂

  6. I say let him. Oscars have become a total snooze fest. The only fun drama is whether Jen and Jolie will meetup. And that’s getting to be old.

  7. Hilary, you are dead-on! The only thing I saw that I liked him in was Sweeney Todd. I haven’t seen Hugo yet. I think if Cohen wants to continue to be relevant, he should stick to excellent roles where he can disappear into the charactor, and give up these rediculous schtick movies he puts together. I hate them!

    I’m also with you on Billy Crystal! I have been CRAVING him for years and I’d take a vote if I were an Oscar voter for him to be permanent host. No one has done it better in my mind. Carson and Hope were pretty entertaining, and I loved them, but Crystal brings something delicious to his performance there that can’t be met. I can’t WAIT! How about an Oscar for best Oscar host ever for Billy Crystal!

  8. Yesssh please.. he’s probably humiliated and is in trouble with some waring country that hates us and would cause a terrible, dangerous situation..

  9. He will not be missed.That’s for sure,and I completly agree with Academy for not letting him be dressed as a Dictator.Why should he have a free movie promotion?!

  10. dark sided beat me to it. Dressing in character for the red carpet is free publicity and the night is not about him. Have to agree with the academy on this one.

    Just dying to see Billy Crystal again.

  11. Just found out that Cohen has now been invited to attend the Oscars — in the dictator character, after threatening “unimaginable consequences” if he could not attend. Very sad indeed. Years ago, when you and I covered the Oscars, Janet, Paul Reubens came in character as Pee Wee Herman, and that was FUN. This, NOT.

  12. THIS MOVIE WAS CRAZY AND OVER THE TOP…I Hade No Idea people acted like that!

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