Scrambling for ideas, Hollywood’s sequal fever has naturally turned back to The Exorcist – one of the most profitable horror movies of all time. AND It was nominated for 10 Academy Awards! When it was released in 1973, the story of a child (13 year old Linda Blair) possessed by a demon was very scary- but are people really frightened by the idea of a “demon” now? The original mother, Ellen Burstyn, has been recast as the same character along with Leslie Odom Jr, (he played Sam Cooke in One Night in Miami) whose character contacts her for help because he also has a possessed child. Earlier Exorcist sequals and prequals were not successful and we can’t help but wonder: is a pandemic is more frightening than a demon? No word on whether Linda Blair will make a surprise appearance…

PHOTO: The Exorcist

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  1. For as much as they make (and charge us at the theater), it would be nice to deep six the sequels/prequels and put out some fresh stuff. Also, the super hero thing is tired and boring.

    If they HAD to remake something, I vote for The Sting. THAT was a great movie.

  2. After living through the all too REAL horror of the orange moron’s “administration” nothing in a movie scares me.

  3. Poor Dan.
    Such a delicate and nervous and delicate little thing.
    Take your pills and drink your tea.

  4. It must suck being so obsessed with something.

  5. Oh how easily the weak minded are manipulated. I knew Light Brigade and Patrick would show up with some lame comebacks to my orange moron comment. Ha! You two are the obsessed ones. I control you from afar.

  6. DD – go ahead and lie to yourself. You are the one that takes every subject and twists it to President Trump. You don’t control us, but President Trump lives rent free in your head. Ciao…

  7. Hollywood has run out of ideas. All those super hero films and computer generated garbage must be a result of a complete lack of talent available. I am glad of all the money I have saved by avoiding all that rubbish

  8. Light…

    Ciao? We’ll see. You can’t resist answering when I mention the orange moron insurrectionist who tried to destroy our country by controlling weak minds like yours. Your use of the cliche “lives rent free in your head” proves just how weak minded and what an orange dung sniffer you are. Fortunately, intelligent minds prevailed and now we are undoing the damage, destruction, and death the orange moron brought to the US.

  9. Look at how the “intelligent minds” have opened up the southern border to the covid infected and are quietly placing them at night in your communities.
    Now put your mask back on.

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