Caitlyn Jenner has been soundly denying that she regrets transitioning into a woman, but we thinks she doesn’t want to admit she has doubts. Kardashian biographer Ian Halperin brought up the idea of Caitlyn’s regret, and attributed much of it to religion. He observed that her religion doesn’t really approve of being GAY and Caitlyn is definitely still attracted to WOMEN. More important, we feel Caitlyn has come to the realization that being a 6’4” 65 year old woman is not thrilling – or easy. She has to slather on the makeup, wigs and eyelashes, not to mention foundation garments, just to leave the house. And – guess what- despite all that work, no one thinks she’s pretty or flirts with her. She WAS a far more attractive man. And the kind of women she likes are not interested in dating a woman who used to be a man. What’s a girl to do?

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  1. I thought there was a whole process before a person transitions: years of specialist psychological therapy to determine if you really need to do this, confirmation from a psychologist this is what you need to do, dressing as the desired sex (in public) and probably other stuff way before any surgery is done. It seems Jenner jumped into this very quickly. I know he looked sort of feminine before so he could have been taking hormones and apparently he would dress as a woman in private but I don’t know if he did all the other stuff. Maybe he really wasn’t prepared. And yeah, a 6’5, 65-year old woman is never going to be hit on. Most women over 50 are not hit on.

  2. It’s always been my opinion that Bruce is a transvestite and only did the transgender thing for ratings and to get his own show. I would not be even slightly shocked if he went back to being Bruce.

  3. This sick Man needs to be in the hospital

  4. I have watched Caitlyn Jenner’s TV show (BTW it’s a good show)…but after watching two years it seems to me that Bruce is a transvestite, not transgender. I know you can’t tell anything from a TV show, but from her show she still seems like a man that likes to dress up, and all the other transgender ladies seem like, well girls/women to me, but not Cait.

  5. Attributed to religion? As if this Godless heathen, like the rest of her grifter family, has any real religious beliefs. If I were Kaitlyn or any of the Kartrashians I’d be terrified to walk inside a church.

  6. @Tooty McPooty

    Totally agree. However, their religion is satanic.

    As for Bruce Jennifer? You can’t fool DNA.

  7. Oh Anna, that’s the way it was many years ago. Apparently now anyone can walk into a doctor’s office, and if they’ve got the money, just have as much lopped off or added on as they want. And then they can prance down to the courthouse and get them to make them legally a different sex. It’s a mad house, A MAD HOUSE!!!!

  8. Went to a doctor’s office yesterday, and they now have FIVE boxes on their intake forms for Sex: M, F, MtF, FtM, and one more I can’t even remember. What a world!

    BTW, Bruce had such beautiful legs as a man. Now they’re horrible and it looks like his right knee is arthritic as hell.A miniskirt does not work for him at this point!

  9. I think Bruce/Caitlyn is confused about which bathroom to use. Imagine this giant going into a ladies room – where young girls are. Lots of screaming would be going on. Scary Bruce!!!! You are terribly FUGLY.

  10. I never thought being confident in your God given gender could be such a blessing, I’m so glad I never had any doubts. I would have a permanent headache if I was Bruce/Caitlyn.

  11. This person is so confused and it is down right scary. He/she still have the plumbing and that is just sick as hell. When the de-transformation takes place and doubt it will, it will set the trans movement or whatever it’s called back to the dark ages.Can someone please answer this question, did the hormones he was taking was supposed to make him lose interest in women?

  12. Deva, you just gave the E! Channel their newest reality show.

    I don’t know how this transgenderism works, but instead of taking female hormones, maybe Bruce should have taken more male hormones and spared himself all of these surgeries and a possible detachment of his third leg.

    Speaking of legs, maybe stick to pants.

  13. This is a mental disorder, I’m sorry it just is. Gender is chosen by your DNA not the whims in your mind. Rachel Dolezal is not black and Bruce is not a woman and never will be.

  14. Anyone over 35 male or female doesn’t need to be wearing shortie/mini skirts of any kind.

    I don’t believe that Jenner regrets transitioning. I think that was just somebody’s way of making headlines.

    I don’t like Jenner. I didn’t like him as a man or womanish . He has absolutely no understanding of anyone or anything that doesn’t seem to benefit him. He is a selfish human being. Just ask his old kids.

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