No WONDER director Kevin Smith was in a bad mood after being thrown off that airplane flight for being too overweight. After seeing his new movie “Cop Out” we think he was embarrassed about THE MOVIE and took it out on Southwest Airlines. This is the kind of movie that makes you wonder if the director EVER had any talent or common sense. Certainly the lamest movie released so far this year, “Cop Out” is an embarrassment for everyone involved. The actors are all better than the trite and awful cop-buddy script. Tracy Morgan’s character is shrill and revolting, Sean William Scott is annoying and vulgar, and Bruce Willis looks justifiably mortified throughout. If he’s lucky, Kevin Smith might find an audience of young men who aren’t too smart.


  1. I was wondering about this one. Haven’t read any reviews yet, but the commercials for it certainly don’t do much in the way of making you want to jump up and run off to see it. It just looks like a long stupid Saturday Night Live skit to me. Tracy mugs way too much and I think I’d find him hard to believe in ANYTHING! He’s not exactly a great actor, he just plays himself over and over, which is a big nutjob!

  2. Bruce was on Regis and Kelly Live this morning to promote this movie. He looked like a bald tired old man who is trying to re-live his youth by marrying a much younger gal. (Just another case of May/December marriage……$$$ is the key).

  3. PS: On Regis and Kelly, Bruce was as boring and dull as a doormat. There was a lot of silence and Regis struggled to make him interesting, to no avail.

  4. A story like none other:

    Bruce being extremely friendly with Ashton Kutcher, who is 17 years younger than his ex, Demi. Bruce, his 3 girls, bruce’s wife Emma, Ashton, and Demi…..all super friendly and even having get-togethers.

    A true story like none other.

    And such is another weird story straight out of GollyWeird.

  5. I think it’s great that they all can get along, if the stories are true; however, older MEN and WOMEN can marry whomever they chose.

    that being said, i wouldn’t marry an older man.

  6. I have heard Bruce say that his wife Emma, the 3 girls, Ashton, and Demi are all close….no jealousy at all. The 3 girls even call Ashton MOM, which stands for ‘My Other Dad’. This statement came from Ashton on Entertainment Tonight.

  7. Golly Whiz, Bruce looks sooooo tired.

    Maybe it’s because he was born March, 1955.
    Emma Hemmings was born June 1978.

    23 years difference. Yep, he’s tired.

  8. “might find an audience of young men who are not too smart”? I thought that was Kevin Smith’s audience.

  9. clearly, if Mr. Smith seeks a dull witted audience, the readers of this site should admirably suffice….

  10. I think Bruce looks just fine and I’ve always found him pretty quick-witted when he’s come on Letterman. He always cracks dave up a lot, which I find enjoyable to watch.
    I think it’s great that the two divorced parents and their newer mates all get along great and don’t make big issues with the daughters. It’s the healthiest thing for all of them. Too bad my ex-husband wasn’t a cool guy like Bruce so I could have done that.

  11. All this movie needs is repulsive no talent Ashton kutcher;bombmaker-film star expert extraordinaire to get this movie up to cult level sucess such as Carnival of Souls (1962), Night of the Living Dead (1968), Pink Flamingos (1972), Basket Case (1982), The Evil Dead (1981) and its sequels, and Eraserhead (1977).

  12. cast the next time some sort of madhouse.

    …………..CHEAPER and definitely MORE FUNNY!!

  13. Bruce is done with all of that Die Hard pain and suffering.He’s married again,friends with
    his ex-wife and her husband.His daughters seem to have avoided that hollywood lane of trouble.Movies and investments including his stake in Planet Hollywood has made Bruce a very wealthy man.At this stage in the game,he
    only has to “Moonlight” if he really wants to.

  14. The movie was hilarious. Tracy Morgan killed me on this movie. Yea i think it was worth it, the storyline was good. It was a well all around movie.

  15. Your Dam straight it was worth making that movie and lets face facts it was for the Money and when some one takes home a Fat Pay Check…It is so worth it and the funny part is that Bruce Willis plays a poor Cop. The story lined sucked to some degree but all it all…I give it a D+ Okay and of course I Would never want to see that movie again. It was boring to some degree and as soon as I left I started foregetting about it. Sorry this movie was Whacked.

  16. Casonia Sade Logenberry..What ever happen to the guy who made the Tacos and won for the team that day? Why is he not back and did he stress out and lost his mind and left the show? Some people just toss away there chance and throwing away the chance of an says:

    It was all about the pay check and cheap jokes and Bruce acting like he is broke is the biggest joke of all and the story line really blows and I am sure it was an easy pay check and cheap and dumb jokes and really boring and no wonder some people got drunk at the movies.

  17. Casonia Sade Logenberry... Some people are just full of crap and some people are liers on the show and some people never talk or communicate with each other and some people are just so rude and heartless and just because your never put up? Like the chick says:

    Bruce Willis you should stop making movies for a while and take a break and spend more time with your daughters traveling with your girls.

  18. Casonia logenberry..Enough about Hells kitchen this people don't even know I am alive? But A.B.C. TV is taking off One life to live and replacing it a show call The Chew and..I say Screw The Chew and leave my Roger Howarth alone. says:

    This movie really sucked ass and hope that Bruce willis did not get 20 million for this movie?

  19. Casonia Logenberry..Hells kitchen..Tommy Honey speak up and talk and take charge..I want you to stay on the show! Jennifer stop screwing up and double check your food first and Will keep your eye on the prize and don't let Drama get in your way and Pauly says:

    The movie was stupid and dumb and the only reason this role was taken was for money and the story line was a fools way of doing it and…I would not sit throw this movie again ever and the best part about this movie is that..I don’t have to see it again!

  20. It is hard to picture Bruce Willis being poor and also the story line was over a baseball card and ex wife and a husband who did not trust his wife but hey a story is story and at times in are life we need to take are mind off are problems and stress and tention and frustrations but that is the reason for stupid dumb movies like this and over paid group of people that are making millions and actors are actors for the money and also make people laugh and for one reason or another people are drawn to an actor and have to see every move they make down the road and follow there career.

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