We just heard an amusing Kardashian story that happened a recent Laker game. Khloe was there to watch her husband Lamar Odom, along with her mother Kris and her little sister Kendall Jenner. The Kardashians’ managerial stage mom Kris just landed a modeling job at Forever 21 for the 14 year old Kendall and she was BURSTING with pride. Kris tried to get Kendall featured on the Jumbotron with other celebrities, but the PR director wasn’t impressed with the 14 year old, and turned her DOWN. Kris was outraged and stormed off in a huff. During half time she was in the backstage ladies room that was crowded with Laker wives, and she couldn’t contain her fury. “How DARE they say no to me! They don’t know WHO they’re messing with!” she hissed at Khloe. Women turned to stare and Khloe got embarrassed “Please Mom, shhh – let’s drop it!” Kris is turning into quite a stage mother.



  1. It is one thing to motivate your children, and they follow suit by motivating themselves,it is another to push your child into a totally new environment that they are not prepared for.Being a momanager does not always work,being too personally involved in your client/child’s professional career can cause conflicts at work, and resentment at home.Kim K.add on new rules to go along with what she already knows.She is unstoppable with her self promotion,but maybe Kendall at 14 is not prepared for the seriousness and professionalism at such a young age,and Khloe recognizes this and Kris refuses to acknowledge that Kendall is not in the league of her older siblings.Kendall needs to be a student instead of a “working girl”.

  2. Anyone with half a brain knows this is wrong, wrong, wrong. Kris will pay for all the harm she has and is doing. What else can you say, so to hell with it.

  3. Kris is a and always has been a piece of garbage. She all about the attention and the money. You never ever see her teaching her kids about morals or giving of yourselves to help others. She sucks!!!

  4. At the age of 14,let Kendall adjust to the
    uncertainties of being a teenager.Having other siblings, she will grow up fast enough.
    At her age, Kris needs to concentrate more on her marriage/relationship with Bruce and be a mother to her younger children,not pushing all of them to entertain.If anything,
    she should be pushing Kourtney’s charmer to go out and make a name for himself,he does not seem to be open to anything except being around and hanging around,and getting on Kris’last nerve.Give Kendall time to grow up,and give Kourtney’s main squeeze the boot.
    Kourtney’s charmer is the one that Kris should be putting to work,or hit the road Jack!!

  5. She is leading the whole entire Kardashian clan into hell. Do any of them have a modem of common sense?

  6. She is motivated and loves only money. Don’t know how she can live with herself. Garbage.

  7. “Starting to turn into a stage mother?” That woman is a mess. Just like she slipped her hubby Viagra on the sly in his coffee, she may be slipping him something else, because no right minded father would let her get away with some of the stuff she does.

    That Forever 21 ad made that little girl look like a hooker.

    For shame Kris. Really. For shame.

  8. Does anyone care that she is not a “kardashian” anymore?..they divorced…she married bruce jenner…uuummmm….I am sure the ex- mr .kardashian is spinning in his grave about the “prize” he picked..and what a “great” mom she is to ‘his” kids..let alone hers and bruce…it should be mrs. jenner…..bruce was good at running…he should be running the “other way” the nearest exit…

  9. ” Running the other way to the nearest exit !” Hahahahaha. Too funny !

  10. V.S. Wilson- You said having other siblings she will grow up fast enough- Sadly so true.
    But, our Kris is so proud of her daughters sex tapes, she encouraged Khloe, (BTW dear, there are 25 OTHER letters in the alphabet,) to “sex it up” so that Lamar would buy her that house that (Kris) thought was appropriate for her, er, her daughter.
    This woman reeks.

  11. For all you people who actually WATCH their show, or buy their clothes or fragrances, you should be ashamed. What is wrong with you?!

  12. Pretty bad cellulite on that upper arm, Kris. Maybe it’s time to stop going sleeveless!

  13. First of all, before the show ever aired or her daughters became famous for doing nothing, I never heard of these people.
    There are totally worthless, money hungry people are soo involved in trying to be famous celebrities.
    Back in the 1970’s I had a lot of respect for Bruce Jenner when he was a Olympian athelete, what happened to him, why did he get involved with these people. It saddens me he has wind up in a realty show.
    Boy times sure have changed….

  14. WHY are these people famous???? They don’t do anything! They don’t act, they don’t sing, they don’t dance and they’re not even interesting. I would rather watch a zebra eat a leaf on the Discovery channel.

  15. WOW… least Khloe KNEW that she was wrong and told her to be quite.

    I can stress enough how sad this entire family is.

  16. Bruce needs to grow a pair and stand up to his wife! His little girls are starting to look like Ally Lohan! Too much makeup at such a young age, I see rehab in the near future!

  17. Yes, BOTH of the youngest girls are turning into little hooker-looking skanks! What kind or REAL parenting is going on there that would let these girls go out in the worl dressed the way they do, with high, high, skirts and tight, tacky tops and way too much make-up when they are still so young?

    If Bruce wants to save his daughters, he better get in there and start putting his foot down and get them away from Kris’ so-called “Managing” which is insane!
    Get a REAL manager if you want your kids to be in show business, and get a talent first!!

  18. 1) Since Bruce got his face mangled with plastic surgery gone bad, it seems he has also lost his balls, if he ever had any after marrying Kris.

    2) IMHO, Kourtney K. has the sweetest looking face. She is, of course, far from innocent, after having a kid out of wedlock with the serial cheater Scott Disick. (looks are deceiving).

    3) As to Kim and Khloe, after being with black, they can’t go back. (and this is no small matter, if you get my drift).

  19. It’s the dumbing down of the American public. All these reality shows, who can be the most outrageous. They didn’t teach their kids any self-respect, morals; just how to be whores. It’s all about doing anything for money.

  20. I don’t get the whole family, but what I REALLY don’t get is all the viewers who WATCH their show! It gets huge numbers for E! (the show is produced by Ryan Seacrest – I blame you Ryan!). I’ve never seen the show, so I can’t/won’t bash it, but I guess I’m an old fogey cause I just don’t get it…In MY day we had Carol Burnett and Bob Newhart shows…and we LIKED them…We LOVED them!

  21. I always said this is the brains and aorta of that family. all those daughters are too stupid to achieve an 1/8 of what their darling mother can do. if it wasnt for all her back door dealings kim k would only be known as the girl that got hit on her back door.

    this mom will stop at nothing to achieve more and more and she gets a cut of everything they all do and even lamar is on her roster now why do you think he is actually getting endorsements now.

    unfortunately this is the dumbing down of america, but everything has a price just like kims butt pads.

  22. bruce is the only one with sense too bad this woman controls him too.

  23. Why Kris, that is an unflattering photo of the flab on your upper arm.

  24. Al Kay, you nailed it and I couldn’t have say it better. Look at the girls they are talentless and not so smart. It’s that diobolical mom who’s behind everything.

  25. It shouldn’t be much longer before Kris convinces her two youngest daughters to make their own sex tapes and release them – that’s how the other WhoreDashians became (in)famous…. Pee anyone?

  26. Arms are result of bad liposuction. Time to go to the gym, not another surgery

  27. At least she seems to have hung up that black dress with the silver spangles- After 50 times of use, it may be back on the racks at Dash!

  28. OMG she is pathetic!!! I am so suprised to see her with one of her younger daughters. Does she ever spend any time with them??? Well, maybe she will spend more time with this one, since she has an income now, but what about the other one??

    She is such a money hungry pimp.

  29. All I can say is Thanks to “E” for bringing this loser family to the limelight.

    The whole family has no clue what morals and self-respect are. Kris will sell her own mother for fame and money. They are a symblol for what is wrong with America today. Only in America, can a slore be famous for being a slore. Amazing!!!! Thanks, E.

  30. I will never buy anything they are selling. Kims perfume smells like ray j’s urine mixed with one part of her fishy crotch and a dash of Kl-H0e’s breath. Foul.

    Their “clothing line” with bebe is cheap looking. Only a would wear that crap. Bebe is a fool to have these losers representing them. No self-respecting company would want to be affiliated with these losers.

  31. I sure will be glad when their money from the e network dries up so they can file for bankrupcy and go to jail for tax evasion. Kris is too greedy to pay taxes.

  32. Does Kim’s “career” seem strikingly similar to Paris Hilton’s??? Ok, let see:

    Sex tape, check
    Club appearances, check
    Reality show, check
    Low budget fragrance, check
    Carl’s Jr commercial, check
    Low budject movie, check
    Endorsements for get rich quick companies with questionable products, check

    This mold for making “celebrities” and I use the term loosly in America is only going to work so many times. I hope that America is not so dumb to allow another talentless w.h.o.r.e come into the limelight from obscurity.

    At least Paris comes from money and doesn’t rely on these gimmicks to live comfortably. Kim not so much, her 15 minutes will be up shortly and then the real entertainment will begin as she does anything, and I do mean anything to try and stay relevant. Watch and see.

  33. Kris is so money hungry that she has lost focus of what’s important. As with a lot of reality shows, I do hope the reality show curse shows up here and Bruce leaves this classless woman. She is a poor excuse for a mother and a poor excuse for a wife.

  34. Her face is disgusting, she needs more work. BTW, take your tranny daughter for some work too. She could use a new jawline. Is she oj’s kid??? You must have stepped out on your ex because she looks nothing like the rest of the brood.

  35. Why do you think Paris isnt friends with the Ks anymore, they took her schtick of being a publicity whore, and a plain ol whore, lol. Why would Reggie Bush be with this low class twunt?

  36. 41 responses & we all feel the same- There is hope for America !!!!!!!

  37. Kendall ain’t nothing special to look at, I would not put her Plain Jane a** up there either for everyone to endure. (Like anyone would know or care who she is.) Screw you KJ, It is not like you gave birth to a young Brooke Shields there. Kendall is not Charlize Theron Beautiful, she NEVER will be, she is cute at best. And your nothing but a fat cow like your 3 older wh*re daughters.
    P.S. Kris, i had no idea women could get cellulite on their arms. Hmmm…who knew.

  38. Kris has done a very good job with her children she is very sensitve about what needs to be done to have a comfortable life they give back what do you people want from them I think they are a fun loving family I just wish I could find someone to cut my hair like Kris I just love the do but not here maybe one of these days I will fly to LA and meet up with her hair stylist….keep it up Kris you are doing just great

  39. I have watched the Kardashians since they started on television, I feel sorry for Bruce but he did marry Kris and she is without a doubt the sickest mother I have ever known, bare none. Her actions are juvenile, she is not attractive and tries to dress too young. The three older girls are so childish and repulsive. There is nothing attractive about them when their behavior is so over the top. Poor deceased Robert. He would be so upset by this behavior. I can not put into words the disgusting behavior of all of them except Bruce and the two younger girls. I will be pleasantly surprised if the teens come out of this unscathed. Bruce do “sometime” and get the family out of the limlight. Tonight is the last time I will watch anything to do with the family. I have a 1/2 Armenian family and NEVER would they behave in such a uncouth manner. It goes right back to Kris.

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