There really is no excuse for someone as young, wealthy, successful, and potentially as attractive as Britney Spears, to go out looking so blah and common. We had hoped that her manager/boyfriend Jason Trawick might be an inspiring influence, but instead of Britney achieving any style, Jason is starting to look like Chuck Norris.



  2. Brittany is an old has-been.Two failed marriages at such a young age.Running from one man to the other,like someone with no home-training whatsoever.Brittany owes me nothing,but she do owe to the young public that keeps her in the spotlight, to at least try to look the part of a young entertainer.
    Her boyfriend does not look “good”for business with his raggedy looks.If one thing can be said,Brittany learns nothing.

  3. Jason looks like he has aged at least 5 years since hooking up with her.

    Brit has no common sense at all, extremely bad taste in men, and looks better as a blonde, eve tho they are all extensions/clip-ons.

  4. Britney seems to be the one with the influence – she seems to bring guys down. First it was Kevin (though granted he did not have far to go, but at least he was fit), now this guy. Have to wonder how her sons will turn out, considering.

  5. I don’t understand why the public pays any attention to her at all. She’s weird and has no talent at all. How can you be a “fan” of someone who can’t sing, can’t act, can’t dance and doesn’t even look good? Her whole career is a fraud.

  6. I agree with Danny completely. She has NO TALENT whatsoever! She’s a crazy used up loser and I wish she’d just go away, far far away where I’d never have to hear about her ever again!

  7. she’s a hot mess. i wish she would do something with that rat’s nest on her head. those two skin tags deserve each other.

  8. She is pure white trash from Louisiana, and should go home and live among the folks who would welcome her completely. (Not everyone in Louisiana is white trash, but lets face it, the Spears family is – have you ever heard her Dad speak? Good lord). One day she will go off the deep end – she’s still under her father’s direction, even tho she’s 28 and has two kids. I think getting out of Hollywood would do a world of good for her.

  9. Since she was a little girl, her dad used her to make money (that’s why she goes for lying trash like Federline; that’s what she thinks is love).

    When she was at her most messed up, what did her dad do? Swoop in and control her money and make her go do shows and make more money that he can leach off of, when what she probably needed was someone actually supportive around her (that she couldn’t control, so probably no boyfriends), and probably a safe private institution to get her away from her codependent and manipulative family, and teach her life coping skills, and/or medication.

  10. What happened to Jason…..saw a pic of him in a rag mag about a month ago and he looks 7 or 8 years older here. Maybe she is a nymphomaniac and is wearing him out. This girl is really to be pitied. She does not know how to handle men, her kids, her dad, her life. She is the worse singer ever, she can’t carry a tune. How did she get where she is?

  11. This girl is totally crazy and needs extreme extended psychiatric care. Cases in Point: French kissed Vadge in front of millions….posed totally naked….married a bum that was living with a woman with 2 kids by him…..walked into a gas station barefoot with filthy feet….drove around with the 2 boys without a safety child seat….went wild partying and drinking after divorcing Kevin….married 55 hours to her Louisiana friend….spent thousands and thousands for clothes for Kevin even while he was partying with whores in Vegas….chopped off her hair….went to hospital nuthouse for 3 or 4 days…..lied about being a virgin when she was a slut with Justin Timberlake…..and there was the time with Adnan something or other and that other guy, can’t think of his name. All these are not in chronological order of course, but just felt like writing them down. Sorry to say, but she truly is Louisiana swamp trash.

  12. Please don’t judge all of Louisiana by her and her family. I know it’s not the greatest state but it’s little bit better than that.

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