We can hardly wait for the Olympics to be over so Jerry Seinfeld’s show “The Marriage Ref” can start. Domestic disputes from across the country will be judged by comics and celebrity guests including Madonna. With marriages to Sean Penn and Guy Ritchie under her belt, Madonna will certainly have opinions. Above, she was photographed with Jessica Seinfeld and Lourdes at the “Nine” premier. Maybe Jessica talked her into it. We suspect there’s some Kabbalah involved here.

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  1. Why is Vadge wearing a cross? Kabbalah and Christianity do not mix. Or is her Catholicism mixing in with Kabbalah. She is a strange one. And for sure, she is trying to get the mega-rich Seinfelds into K.

  2. With Miley Cryus making $50M a year, I predict that Lourdes will become a teen singing/acting sensation – even if she has to be forced down our throats.

    Like Rumer Willis.

    Haven’t we had enough of Madonna? Is she going to be a 60 year old sex kitten?

  3. madonna is officially a confused loser. I never thought I would live to really despise this old bag. I was her staunchest supporter growing up, but lets face it the woman is a joke.

  4. Jessica Seinfeld is a money-grubbing adulterous bitch. Why is she hanging around the biggest whore in the universe is the question. If Vadge talks her into Kaballah then they will be together forever…..and they will both be begging for a cold glass of water, but there will be none, not one drop.

  5. Madonna is a culture ransacker – just one small symptom of her sociopathic tendencies. At the rate she is going, which ever religion in this world is the true on, she is destined for Hell.

  6. Madonna wants a little Catholicism on the side with her Kabbalah as the main dish. She is a crazy loon.

    As far as her daughter goes, if she has any talent, you can rest assure mommy will live a second life through her. It’s what she does best, self re-invention. Her kid might despise her if she does.

    Jerry looks reluctant with the K thing so I expect Jessica to keep her distance. They will use eachother for their selfish gain. It’s the way is is in their crazy world.

  7. Madonna makes my skin crawl. She’s so desperate to remain relevant that she’s making a fool of herself chasing after men half her age and still acting/dressing like she’s still 26. Her daughter must be horribly embarrassed.

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