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Guess what’s IN those lollipops that we so often see Britney lapping up? According to The National Enquirer those pops are laced with DRUGS! They say Britney discovered marijuana laced lollipops in Amsterdam three years ago, and found a place to buy them in Santa Monica. Apparently she soon graduated to pops laced with a powerful narcotic – more potent than morphine. It’s fentanyl citrate – the suckers are approved by the FDA to treat severe pain in cancer patients, not girls with bad air days. It explains Brit’s persistent craving for “sweets.” She keeps the pops in her purse and pulls one out when she wants to get high. When her mother Lynne learned about these drug lollipops, she hired a detective to keep an eye on her estranged daughter.

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  1. Where can I get some!? I’ve got my two little boys in the backseat right now, so I can just drive right over before my next topless game of “Truth or Dare” at the Standard Hotel pool.

  2. The Fentanyl lollipops don’t look anything like real lollipops, though they do say they’re hot items on the street. Anna Nicole was said to have had some. If Britney is sucking on those, someone please take the kids away!!!!! There have been deaths attributed to the Fentanyl pops, too.

  3. These are not Fentanyl lollipops. PLESE STOP QUOTING THE ENQUIRER. ALL LIES

  4. Britney is a has been and will be DEAD within 2 years. I am thinking of buying

  5. Gosh…I really hope that story is not true. I really want her to get straightened out and get better. She is capeable of so much more that she is doing now.

  6. Lies, all lies in an attempt for kevin “fresno” federline to keep the checks coming in!

  7. Have to agree, these are not fentanyl suckers, which are long, narrow, rectangle in shape. I hope somebody doesn’t get sued.

  8. this no talent has been sucking the public dry for a decade. SHE sucks!

  9. AGREE! Those are NOT Fentanyl lollipops, but they ARE weed lollipops. Drive down anywhere on Santa Monica Blvd in Hollywood and you’ll see advertisments for “Special Percriptions” -get a note signed from a Dr. you pay a few hundered bucks, and you get a nice little card, that’s your ticket to your special Green Lollipops. Brit is a dumba$$$ thinking she wouldn’t get caught??
    She’ll snap out of her mess, she just needs to find her identity in who is IS, not what she DOES.

  10. Janet what an irresponsible post and outright fabrication. Fentanyl looks nothing like a lollipop. We are commencing an action against you for defamation. Stay tuned Janet.
    Allred, Maroko & Goldberg, 6300 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1500
    Los Angeles, CA 90048

  11. This girl has the mentality of a 12-year-old. Is she ever going to grow up and be a responsible adult (and mother)?

  12. Is the Gloria above for reals? Why isn’t she as concerned for Britney’s kids as she was for Michael Jacksons a few years ago? Racism maybe?

  13. Give me a break “Gloria Allred”.
    As IF Janet wouldn’t be able to check the IP address??
    Besides, if it truly were Gloria, it simply looks PATHETIC posting comments on a Hollywood GOSSIP site, threating to sue.
    Nothing is reported to be 100% true, just GOSSIP.
    Read the fine print biyaches.
    If you want to mess with Janet, then you’ll have half of Hollywood (not necessarily IN Hollywood either) after you. Perez was getting serious threats, and that guy got set up! Cyber bullying is a serious offence-why people feel they can create themselves a new persona online is mystifying to me.

  14. brit is getting more fugly as the days pass…………poor brit! she was soo hot circa 2000-2002

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