This successful and handsome bi-coastal actor has a beautiful model girlfriend in New York, but finds himself working in California most of the time. So they fly across the country to see each other whenever possible. He makes a big deal out of claiming to be faithful. But our guy likes to drink way too much and when he’s boozed up he goes online looking for girls. He felt it was a harmless way to have fun without really cheating until he met a special girl online. She told him she would be in LA and he couldn’t resist visiting her at her hotel. The model found out and she’s CRUSHED. It’s another romance ruptured by male internet fantasies.

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  1. Leonardo DiCaprio is the first name that came to mind. No other reason than he has a model girlfriend, and he’s been looking pretty bloated.

  2. I’m going to guess Adrian Grenier, the guy from Entourage. He’s been dating a Sports Illustrated supermodel, Melissa Keller. She lives in New York and he lives in LA because of the show. I hope I’m right!

  3. I think it’s adrian grenier too. He supposedly has a model girlfriend, but then you see him begging paris for herpes one week, drunk out with some other hoes another week, but no mention of the gf

  4. It’s not Adrian or Leo. I forgot who it was but I read this one a while back. The guy is more famous than either Adrian or Leo.

  5. Yeah, would it not be Mark Wahlberg? Seeing as he’s the producer of Entourage, it’s likely he’s constantly California.He’s also dating Rhea Durnham, who is a model, though I don’t know where she lives.

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