The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars sisters Kim and Kyle Richards have, for some reason, never been particularly close with their niece Paris Hilton. So they were surprised when she suddenly started calling them, making plans to get together, inviting them places, and buttering them up, in general. It finally dawned on them that Paris’s attentiveness increased as their reality show became more popular and she wanted to make guest appearances. The second season is now in preparation and Kim and Kyle have declared that Paris will NOT be soaking up their limelight – she’s banned from the show.



  1. Does that mean we wont get to see auntie’s crotches when Paris drives them up to the paps?
    Good work Paris. Like you said to Barbara, “I’m much more grown up now.”
    If it’s twoo…it’s twoo late.

  2. The one on the left could give Demi Moore a run for the money, and the one on the right looks like she cracks open a bottle of wine at least once a day.

  3. I remember seeing both of these ladies on 70’s tv when they were little kid actors. Kim (the blonde) was very popular in the 70’s (Nanny & the Professor, Escape to Witch Mountain, a bunch of commercials, countless guest spots on shows like Emergency, Different Strokes, Police Woman…..etc.,) Her little sister, Kyle, was the little girl being babysit in Halloween (1978) . Kyle went on to do Little House on the Prairie (semi regular), ER and countless guest spots.

    Kim and Kyle acted more than their sister Kathy (Hilton) ever did. All three were attractive and they were guided by their stage mom (who has since passed). I had read something many years ago by a former child star and recall that something was mentioned about their mother being quite a determined stage mom (especially to Kim). I don’t know if it was true or not but Kim seems to be happiest now days just being mom to her kids.

    If I recall correctly, they weren’t wealthy at all other than what the kids made from tv and movie (which couldn’t have been very much).

  4. I used to watch “Nanny” while doing my middle school homework because I had a crush on Richard Long. Kim was very cute and a capable actress — but nothing like Margaret O’Brien or Natalie Wood. Don’t remember Kyle. And I have become addicted to this show — even though none of them live in Beverly Hills. By the way, Kim is guaranteed $23,000 per month in living expenses by her ex (Marvin Davis’s son) — as long as she doesn’t remarry. This could very well be why she’s still single!

  5. Hilary, I hate to admit to being taken in by the show too, if only to practise shooting the television when Camille is onscreen. What a hideous viper that plastic skank is. Poor Kelsey…too bad it took him so many years to escape that bitche’s fake claws. -Wouldn’t even carry her own children, let alone bring them up.

    As for the sisters K, Kyle is the most normal of the show’s cast, and Kim seems incredibly neurotic and immature. One wonders how the powers that be keep managing to drege up cast after cast of batshit crazy plastic “females” with money oozing out of every orifice and tiny handheld dogs who can’t move due to the heavy layers of clothing constricting them. Let alone huge monster-sized chiclet choppers that seem to have the ability of shark teeth in that if one fell out while biting into a rival housewife, no problem, another is there in the row behind it waiting to pop forward and “fill in” for the next plastic din-din suckathon. the true definition of “ladies who lunch”.

  6. Hillary “Kim is guaranteed $23,000 per month”———–Wow, I wouldn’t want to marry either. That’s a lot of money.

  7. Reta, the reason she didn’t bear her own kids is because she has a proven medical condition, IBS. Kelsey said this a couple of years ago on some talk show. Regardless, I can’t stand her in any shape, form, or fashion.

  8. OMG, I just realized that Kim is Tia in Escape to Witch Mountain. Thanks Walt! I loved that movie when I was a child. OMG

    PS They don’t want Paris around because everyone hates her!!
    Bad for their ratings.

  9. I for one LOVED watching Kim when I was younger, okay, I wanted to be her, but that’s another story. I am happy to see that not only is she around, she seems skeptical over the whole thing. She seems so normal. And supportive of her sister Kyle, who definitely is running the show on that series.
    Camille. You get what you see. Kelsey sure is one screwed up guy. Hopefully the next wife proves to be the most normal and he sticks with it.
    Thanks for saying Kathy is their sister because I sure did not see that one coming. Shocked that Kathy isn’t trying to sign on to the show and take it over.

  10. What a rediculous excuse to not bear your own children, using IBS. How or why that should impact her ability to carry a baby in her UTERUS is beyond me. IBS concerns the bowels and is treatable. I notice it certainly doesn’t impact her traveling or partying. I have a funny feeling her IBS is really laxative abuse and a means to stay skinny in a Beverly Hills skinny demanding world. With the money Kelsey has she certainly would have had the very best of medical care for such a simple condition and would definitely have been able to give birth (if she had WANTED to that is). She’s more vain than just about anyone on any of those shows, which is surprising considering how hideous she really is.

    Good luck Kelsey, don’t let the new gal anywhere NEAR a plastic surgeon!

  11. Reta, all I know is I heard Kelsey state she had an accute case of IBS and standard meds did not help at all, thus the surrogate. And, in the first, second, and third place, I don’t care.

    BTW, I have never ever watched this TV show and don’t plan to, and if it’s on cable, I don’t have cable. I have 25 channels free which is quite enough.

  12. Indy, my dear, you may just be as naive about Camille’s “medical condition” as poor Kelsey was kept. IBS is not that complicated a condition and IS very treatable. Pregnancy has nothing to do with it, being that it is a DIGESTIVE TRACT DISORDER, and pregnancy on the other hand is related to the reproductive organs. While they may share space in the abdomen, the two are completely unrelated.

    There are far more serious and dangerous digestive disorders than IBS and those patients manage to carry and bear their own children, so don’t be so easy to swallow this psycho’s bullshit line. If she truly DOES have IBS and it IS out of control, she would be in the loo on the plane when they took their trip to New York for Kelsey’s play, and oh yeah, that wine she is always drinking is a big NO-NO when you have IBS. She’s drinking on every episode when she tries (unsuccessfully) to take down her rival housewifes.

    By the way, to earn the moniker “housewife” wouldn’t one have to do SOMETHING in the house, like watch/raise your own kids? She seems to spend all HER time playing tennis and kissing the married guy who’s always over at her house. She never touches a thing to take care of her own place OR her own kids, so I can imagine she didn’t take care of her “man” either. Once she “got” him and began the plastic transformation, Kelsey was dead in the water. Interesting what money can buy nowadays, isn’t it?

  13. I don’t believe this for one second. The HILTON FAMILY whores together, just like the Kartrashians. Everything has been planned to advance the HILTON empire, which seems to be whoring for dollars. That’s the Hilton legacy, not hotels.

  14. I was wondering if we’d see her and her sister on the show…guess not.

  15. I didn’t know you were a doctor Reta?
    I’d like to make an appointment for a complete physical please.
    A nice, long, slow one.

  16. can’t stand kyle. & the way she treats her sister kim is deplorable.

  17. @Reta,

    IBS may affect the ability to carry a pregnancy to term. I’m not a doctor so I don’t know why, but it definitely states that on all the medical websites. The key word is “may” affect, and not “will” affect. Unless you carry the baby, you don’t know if IBS will affect the pregnancy so I imagine they chose the surrogate route because they could afford it and didn’t want to take chances.

    As far as Kim and Kyle are concerned, what a sad misunderstanding between the two of them. Of all the housewives, the one I like the least is Taylor. She’s smart and beautiful, but very insecure and that insecurity creates alot of drama. She’s been stirring the pot all season starting with the King’s game where Kim was sitting next to her on the end and Taylor literally did turn her back on Kim and close Kim off from the group. I think Taylor loves the Beverly Hills lifestyle a little too much and is willing to sacrifice personal happiness and step on as many toes as needed to get it.

  18. I am hooked to this show also and it intrigues me how these women have the ability to live such synthetic lives.How do their husbands relate to them in the bedroom ??? Camille is so fake..I could scream ! I thought I liked Kyle because she seemed to be Camille’s victim but after what she did to her sister Kim I think she deserves all that Camille did to her. Kyle is such a bitch and betrayer. As for Taylor, she is so insecure and up to no good.She is out to knock some heads together and she’s grabbing on so desperately to the hollywood lifestyle that she no longer cares about anything else or anything she’s out to lose for it. Lisa and Adrienne are my favorites; they are quite mature.

  19. The only reason I recognized Kyle is because when Paris was getting arrested every week she was all over the tv defending her. And I saw her on GMLA two days ago and she said they couldn’t talk about season 2, so OMG!,could this info be wrong?! Lisa-I used to like her til her disgusting visit to the DMV where she acted like she’d stumbled into a leper colony. Now I hope she got something on her. Adrienne’s husband needs to get a girlfriend. She treats him like the hired help. Taylor is a liar. Her name isn’t even Taylor. She told two different stories about the condition of her marriage to that snooze Russell while she was flogging her show on Thursday in NY. She started more fights than anybody else, and to walk up and attack a guest at your party is tacky. Fake. She’s not so unhappy that she’ll give up the mile long limos, she just wants attention. Like that blown up mug doesn’t get her enough. Kim needs to lose the pink sparkly lipstick, have a little dermabrasion done, and get some prozac. Camille-hahahahahahaha. And your 2 bitch friends too. If my best friend was a medium I wouldn’t be surprised that my husband had found a girlfriend.

  20. I actually feel sorry for Kyle’s poor husband. I don’t care how great he looks on paper (his net worth), it appears to me that he’s killing himself working trying to fund a lifestyle that they can’t afford. He’s financing Kyle’s dream. Their mother certainly taught her girls how to marry money. She reminds me of Kris Jenner who is the ultimate pimp.

  21. Kyle is the lying, deceitful, vengeful bitch…..She is jealous of Camille cause she has more cash than her….Her husband is just a realtor to the stars, but that does not make her one….She treats her sister terribly, and for a few seconds I thought she was going to hit Kim…
    All these husbands, MUST have mistresses…How can they stand being married to those plastic phonies ???? I don’t even trust Lisa…..Such a snobby old hag…She look like she is their mother….Wait, no. Grand
    Mother….Adrienne is fine…Just bored….

  22. I’m Addicted to the show also. Adrienne is my favorite housewife. She is beautiful, and Smart. She has money and probably always has had. She never flaunts the fact that she is loaded I love the palms Casino. I have spent many hours there. I really like Lisa’s accent. Lisa’s husband seems very sweet. I don’t know how he puts up with Cedric. It seems to me if Lisa lives in Beverly Hills she should have a Ca Drivers License. Camille was so fake I don’t know why she was on the show everyone knew Kelsey was leaving her before the show even aired. She always tried to act like she was better than the others. She has money, but shows no class. Kim seems very needy. I like Kyle but the way she is always putting Kim down made me lose respect for her. Taylor is another story. I think she is Jealous of anyone that has a husband that loves them. Clearly her husband is not right for her he has no personality at all, and he sure doesn’t know how to have fun or make her feel loved.

  23. Kim and Kyle LOVES their niece and always says so and I doubt that this article is accurate at all. Kyle and Paris ALWAYS go out and party, Kyle is always making guest appearances on Kyle’s show and now Paris can’t? According to the Bravo blog, Paris did NOT want to appear on the Housewives show. Top that!!

  24. Why do we even care about these pampered, plastic, altered prima donnas? Do they do anything that enhances our lives? (Rhetorical questions all, because I watch in amazement too!)

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