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Looking thuggish, Chris Brown took time to pee on the wall outside My Studio nightclub on Hollywood Blvd…..just like a dog. Rihanna is better off without him.


  1. Can that moron even CLOSE his mouth? Maybe it’s too difficult to hold onto his tiny wee-nis and concentrate on shutting his mouth at the same time. That would just take up too many brain cells clicking at the same time, after all, the guy’s not working on “D” batteries guys. (Or even a 9-volt)!

  2. Chris Brown peeing, just what most people want to see, NOT, which begs the question, which is worse – bad manners or bad taste? Looks like he doubts that anyone still cares enough to publish a photo or comment, and he’s right despite the odd exception.

  3. Personally, I think the “Freak” taking the picture is the one without manners.

    Just sayin’

  4. Who takes a picture of someone taking a piss???

    Seriously, that is messed up!!

  5. Honestly, who do u think is more stupid? Brown for actually doing a normal thing (lets say) or the person/s who took a pic of him and posted it on celeb news sites?

  6. Besides wearing what looks like old lady sunglasses, and having the perfect “pout” on the ready, those tattoos look like nothing more than semi-artfully arranged dirt. It amazes me that this idiot ever managed to make money considering the level of intelligence he is obviously stunted at. Perhaps it’s just the beautiful on-stage crotch-grabbing that got him so far, after all, look what it did for Michael Jackson.

  7. Everything that comes out about him now is negative. I thought he was a good singer and a great dancer, but first we had the domestic abuse. Next I read about him tweeting horrible gay remarks to somebody who had stated he was sexually abused when he was younger. Could this guy be any stupider or more low class.

  8. Oh, and I should say that I doubt very much that he’s the first celebrity to have leaked on that building.

  9. Indecent exposure!!
    In reality what has CB done lately that even warrant a story. The talents that brought him fame a few years ago,is now yesterday’s news. With him hanging around continuing to get bad press,he is a loose cannon who never knew how to handle success. When he was squiring one of the most famous young women in the world,he ended up being labeled her abuser. He knocked his own self out of the game, and now CB is no more than a has been trying to figure a way to get it all back. Because of his arrogance,it is not easy for the powers that be to want to give him another chance. Stay tuned!!

  10. Leo: now if only we could find a way to send Kanye West and Diddy-Piddy (two MORE mouth breathers) off to see the wizard in charge of the edge of the world. I’d happily stand at the edge in readiness for their arrival, one foot precariously out at just the precise moment to send them off the edge into oblivion.

    No pair of ugly giant sunglasses could ever be enough to hide any of these creatures behind. Wonder if anyone has invented a sunshade-bucket yet?

  11. @ Reta, Good Evening!!

    Kanye West is a certified egomanic full of blunders,but he does have a way of producing music that make a profit.We all know that Diddy is another egomanic who is in love with self promotion,but he make it work
    businesswise and is highly respected in his inner circle which includes hanging out in The Hamptons with Trump and other multi-millionaire/businessmen.CB being caught in public with his main squeeze (pun intended) in his hand is a step below pretending to have any class.

  12. psssst: FAGGOTS won’t require manners.

  13. Hey Gerard why is it you know so much about mouths and penises? You seem to be a real expert on “faggots” as you put it, showing your true colors, eh buddy?

  14. Chris Brown is a complete dirtbag who should be sitting in a cell next to OJ.

  15. In that case, you’d fit right in with them IF they’d accept you, and that’s a pretty big IF 🙂

  16. This is the picture of success to the majority of the black race!

    Why is it when a black man does something stupid, he represents the entire Black race?
    But when a white man is a douch, (Charlie Sheen – wife beater, drug addict, sex addict)he only represents himself?

  17. Uncle Bill. I think that’s the first time I’ve seen you rebuke.
    Good one.

  18. Normally I say nothing about the factually skewed posts on the site because I like the amusement, but seriously? This is just a picture of him turning back, probably to see who just called his name…not a picture of him taking a piss. Don’t post just to create incendiary comments against a celebrity who has made a mistake.

  19. to: zippy

    if i saw HIS penis my mouth would automatically open 😉

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