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Nick Simmons is still filming his A&E reality show Gene Simmons Family Jewels and going to college, but he finds time to date a cute girl once in awhile. Nick is a comic book freak and he released his own comic called “Incarnate” in 2009 published by Simmons Comic Group. Six months later production was halted when he was accused of plagiarism. Presumably, he learned a good lesson from THAT.

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  1. He’s starting to mutate into his father.
    Poor lad, he will never match his dads list of conquests.
    A true hero.

  2. TO PATRICK (and I know this is weird). Please scroll down to the subject of
    “Roseanne Barr still has a lot to say”. I wrote a question on there to you. (sorry for getting off the subject here). Thanks for answering soon, Patrick. Indy

  3. Oh, hell’s yeah. I’m positive this über-spoiled, smarmy brat “learned his lesson”, BUT good.


  4. Indy.
    He was warned more than once. He got spanked.
    Reta’s gonna get one too.
    I’ve had mine. Experienced.

  5. What the heck did they feed this fellow to become 6′ 8″ ?? I shudder to think what they put in his formula. lol His dad is 6′ 2″ .

  6. Patrick has a rather “swelled head”, doesn’t he? What meds do YOU take Patti-Boy to keep your delusions in check?

  7. I’m of the belief that our dearly charming elf of a boy-man may JUST BE that “troll” that Sebastion spoke of so frequently. It would make a lot of sense since “Patrick” attacks Sebastion and myself and leaves the racist strom utterly alone and the undefinable “uncle bill / wim / captain America / Gerard Vandenburg / endless incarnations to continue to spew their racist/homophobic garbage. Yeah, nice going Patrick, you’re a first class hero, or however the song goes!

  8. As for Nick Simmons he’s a rather nice and charming kid, good looking, with a great sense of humor and not spoiled acting at all. Doesn’t run with an entourage and dates regular girls. I highly doubt he plagiarised anybody elses work. He would have no need to do so. Think about it.

  9. Reta I’m sorry I upset you. Please accept my invitation for dinner for two to smooth this over.
    You pick the biggest, baddest buffet(you know the best ones, right?} and I’m buyin. I just wanna watch. Morbid curiousity you know.
    As far as meds go…can you hook me up? I’ll try your nightmare drug, once. Payback could be a bitch, might find myself going OCD on gossip sites as a side effect.
    ps I am not Sebastions troll nor the reason he left.
    Do your homework.

  10. Reta, I chucked shit at Strom and Uncle Bill right off the bat.
    They don’t care.
    They have this place figured better than you.
    My little pork chop.

  11. He looks like a mutant, the head is too small for the body. Nick, u need to meet dr. Frankenstein!

  12. So, Patrick, you say Janet is going to “spank” me and then dangle buffet’s and drugs in front of me as a symbol of all that is good in your “peace offering”? I’m sure learning lots about you I never needed to know…and you can keep the pork chops, I don’t eat them.

    By the way, you claim to “know” much about Sebastian’s apparent absense…therefore the “troll” moniker as he so kindly explained to me. I find it kind of interesting as well, now that you mention that “morbid curiosity” of yours, that you seem so enthralled with all things Sebastian. Is that shit you supposedly chucked at strom and Gerard Vandenburg the very stuff you scraped off your teeth after you got done licking the toilets all night long…(I hear Lionel Richie now)…

  13. Reta I give not a rip about Sebastion. I’m just saying I know why he left.
    Strom and Gerard don’t play. They don’t care. They’re “men.”
    Merry Christmas. I hope you find someone….


    1) Either he is still on here under another name.

    2) Or, Janet put a block on his e-mail and/or has his phone # and called him (unlikely).

    3) This is just *$%)&^ stupid. And we still don’t know wny.

  15. Maybe Sebastian is simply on holiday? Anyway, Nick Simmons is a good looking kid and if he inherited his father’s tongue, I’m sure he’ll be very popular.

  16. SC is MIA – he has not been posting here under a different name, his clever wit would shine through.

    Hope he comes back soon.

  17. re Sebastion. I’ve given you all of the clues I’m going to.
    Okay one more. Reta was away when Sebastion was handled.
    Merry Christmas.

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