Believe it or not, even Beverly Hills Housewife Kyle Richards had a few awkward years. Back in 1985 she was sixteen or seventeen and she had Brooke Shields eyebrows, big hair and braces on her teeth. Not to mention a fur coat. Two years later she blossomed and got married to her first husband!

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  1. She does look awkward in this photo, but she is not an ugly woman on the outside. I can tell she has had work done though.

  2. OMG! Did she need a Toro lawnmower for those brows?

    I dont’ watch “reality” TV because it’s not reality – it’s all scripted. So, I don’t have a clue what this lady is like. She might be the nicest person in the world but she had some bad eyebrows. Yikes!

  3. It’s amazing what money can do for a womans looks. Too bad money can’t buy likability.

  4. She reminds me of Blair from the Facts of Life. I think she looks cute and that was look back in the 80’s.

  5. Miss Eva,
    I had my first fur coat at 16. Rich parents.

  6. Who are these people, and why do we care?

    Never watched the show, ( Got rid of cable a few years ago.) Why do people insist on making the rich, richer, by following this stuff. ( I may be wrong, but as I said, I have never watched it.I am a Dr. Who fan, and I watch it via Itunes, or order BBC stuff from the UK. I am always sad when I see a great BBC show adapted for American audiences, because they always *uck it up, and ruin it. Like Skins, The Inbetweeners, and Torchwood. Thank the powers that be that they haven’t tried The Mighty Boosh !) I do have a theory though. The thing is, getting a new and young generation used to mediocre TV, with shows that are horrendous, but cost next to nothing to produce.Shows that I grew up with in the 70’s and 80’s, would cost much more to produce, so if you get the kids used to crap TV, then the future will hold the promise of low overhead, high profit, and a customer base that will eagerly lap up any offering because they don’t expect anything better.

  7. Whoa — definitely has had some work done, big time. I agree w/ Barry W! 🙂

  8. Kyle and Kim were child actresses – so they earned their own money. so many jealous people.

  9. Somewhere in Paris, a light pole is missing it’s lady…. Of the Evening….

  10. kyle has had some work done (shorter more refined nose?), she looks great now.

    these days she looks like a prettier version of demi moore.

    the 1980s’ were a difficult time for style- lots of great fashion but overall we were all looking terrible back then.

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