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Bethenny Frankel ‘s little girl Bryn is only two and a half, but she’s already destined to be an over-achiever like her mom. Bethenny enrolled Bryn in the Imagine School of Swimming so she’ll be prepared for summering in The Hamptons. And from the looks of Bethenny’s Skinnygirl down vest, her clothing line is expanding into outerwear.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. you can never start to early in raising a family.

  2. i wipe my ass with ANY information about this woman and her life….as i do with 99% of all ‘celebrities’ and idiots made into them that are nobodies.

  3. Who are the idiots padding these idiots pockets. Who are the idiots that support someone clearly as disgusting as bethfrankel. At least the kardashians have some beauty and glamour, I don’t support their crap either, but this disgusting woman is the last thing I would ever aspire to incorporate any iota of her being in to my existence. The sight of her is repulsive. Lets face it she’s not cute and she’s not pleasant. America get your priorities in order.

  4. Another one of those old broads who used a man strictly for publicity. Not to mention his virile sperm. Bethany Frankel is your typical, greedy, get rich at any cost, scoundrel. Very smart, but so very shallow.

  5. That is one strange looking woman, and this pic highly flatters her. Tis sickening she has mucho dinero.

    God bless this child.

  6. Bethenney will turn into her abusive controlling mother who she so hates. Karma’s a bitch and so are you Bethenny.

  7. It will be kinda funny to see all the BBW’s wearing clothes that say “skinnygirl” LMAO. Walmart will be even more amusing!

  8. I am confused with this pic, Janet. It is not showing the girl swimming, near a pool or with a swimsuit on to say that the girl is taking swimming lessons.

    Well duh, sherry lynee, typical rat face, looking like Skeltor from He-Man

  9. I’ve heard the name but have no idea what she is famous for.

  10. have you lot read your racist, hateful, jealous comments ?

    Pathetic, you’re merely the mob, dumb, empty headed and angry meat puppets. Imagine had she actually done something bad ? Sense of scale people !

    Sherelyn, hello, Christneindia, pitbullshit you belong in a tank together, maybe at a circus or fair, and disgust reasonable people.

    yuck, read your bibles folks, quick

  11. The celebrities of today are so disgusting & it shows! These fucked up people make the good money while regular people suffer. They are disgusting even to look at.

  12. Geens, hon, calm down. This is nothing but a gossip site. We are telling it the way we see it. Much ado about nothing. And, btw, I am not, no way, jealous of her, her divorce, her money, and certainly not her problems, etc. etc.

  13. geens, she has done alot of things bad. She is on tv, she is ugly, fugly, promoting the anorexic skeltor look, made money from the ashkenazi connection of shilling her disgusting cancerous drinks.

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