The jinx is over. After Ben Affleck’s highly publicized split with his then fiancee Jennifer Lopez (can you remember that far back?) his career seemed to go into the dumpster. Ben and Jen became the tabloid couple of the hour and he lost the credibility he’d achieved with “Good Will Hunting.” Ben’s career went down the drain after he costarred with Jen in the ill-fated “Gigli,” while his best friend Matt Damon went on to bigger and better things. Jennifer Lopez took the blame for derailing Ben’s career. Happily, the J.Lo jinx ended spectacularly this weekend when Ben’s movie “The Town” swept the box office.

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  1. Americans just wander around the shopping mall ‘building dreams’ and then they pop in to see whatever garbage is playing on the screen.

  2. Pippa, Americans are in denial. They drive big-ass gas-guzzling vehicles, watch American movies, and think they are the center of the universe. Just wait til reality hits. And God help the rest of the world when it does.

  3. Jebus, I hope you don’t get anywhere near my obituary, Janet. You have just painted a very ugly portrait of a person who is really quite a success. Dang, that just sounds bitter, even for you.

  4. That breakup was the luckiest thing that ever happened to him. Even though I can’t stand JLo, she is not to blame for his subsequent failures.

  5. To think of J-Lo elicts memories of her on the arm of Puff Daddy, P-Diddy, whatever. Oh, yeah, and that fugly green dress slit down past her belly button barely covering her tiny tits. Not to mention the gun incident.

    To think of Affleck elicits memories of him cheating on J-Lo with various and sundry whores and lapdancers in Vancouver. He wanted J-Lo to see this so the breakup would occur. The boy has a very bad track record of alcohol abuse, compulsive gambling and whore-mongering. He is seldom seen playing with his two young girls. I think he never grew up and is still a mama’s boy.

    The internet is abuzz with rumors of Affleck and Garner splitting. GollyWeird stars are wild beasts.

  6. Ben got rid of JLo by gambling, so she would break up with him. Don’t believe all the blind items–much is meant to sell something other than the truth.

  7. Everything about that relationship was phoney. I always took anything said about it by the entertainment media and mainstream gossip columnists with a grain of salt.

    At the time there was considerable speculation that Affleck was Gay!

  8. Is it because Jennifer Lopez is Latin that white media relish on her downfall in having a relationship with a white guy, that’s not really all that in the first place. He most likely does the cheating and gambling on Jennifer 2. However white media doesn’t report that because I really doubt he stoped because u never see them together. Their move together wasn’t good. Neither is any movie they do separate are blockbuster success. The last picture of them kissing he’s always has his eyes open looking else where. Like he’s really in to her. If he could eat a girl’s vjay right at a nude bar than yes this white boy is a winner for any white girl to put up with.

  9. Why is it a jlo jinx? This guy is a first rate loser that would rather drink and gamble, no wonder his career and marriage are in the gutter. All his kids have been conceived whilst in a drunken haze. Garner is so desperate to keep this man that cheats on her because she still thinks she found a prize it’s more like she found a problem.

  10. i also loved Gone, Baby, Gone and thought Ben did a great job directing it. I’m not surprised The Town is getting good reviews. I think he’s found his niche in Hollywood and should continue to pursue it.

  11. Casonia Sade Logenberry... Hells kitchen season 9 Hope Elisa is Kicked off Next..Can't stand her Mouth anymore. I know if I would had been on Hells kitchen I would had talked to that girl so bad..She would want to Hit me! I would not had put up with her c says:

    I don’t think they belong together and yes it would be amazing to have gone with this lovely Beautiful lady..Who is smoking Hot and has the who package and I mean she is all that and more. But in life it is better to cross paths and have a History and that History makes you who you are today. But The Movie completely Sucked and I would not want to see it again and that meant that the relationship went as far as it can go….But in life it is better to cross paths and have a torch of History.

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