We have to confess we have a soft spot for the UK artist Banksy and his whimsical social commentary. His stenciled public art appears out of nowhere to promote his views and is immediately worth a fortune. Last week the Extinction Rebellion group (Emma Thompson is a supporter) protested the government’s lack of involvement in climate change because they “seek to minimize the risk of ecological collapse.” (Needless to say, they are not fond of our fossil fuel loving president.) After the closing ceremony this artwork appeared on a nearby wall. Art experts say it’s genuine and worth over a million dollars. Local council members rushed to protect it with a clear cover because it already suffered some defacement – the red and blue writing and the yellow leaflet.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA

4 thoughts on “BANKSY STRIKES AGAIN!

  1. We loved the piece that immediately shredded itself upon being sold at auction—and thereby increased its value (though we think most sky-high art valuations are a cover for the very healthy money-laundering that is rife in the art world).

    As to climate change, Trump’s (he’s the man currently playing the president on TV) “opposition” hasn’t put one dent in the ongoing USAF programs to deflect sunshine—and thus heating—over the US: DANE WIGINTON has been at the forefront in sounding the alert.

    California, unfortunately, is GROUND ZERO. 🙁 Look him up.

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