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Is this guy the reason Avril Lavigne is divorcing her husband Derek Whibley? Avril is baking that white skin on the sunny beaches of St Barts with her new boyfriend. We don’t know who he is, but the dude is easy on the eyes. She looks plump and happy.

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  1. She doesn’t look “plump”, she looks NORMAL! We’re so used to looking at lollipop head anorexic Hollywood types that a normal woman for a change suddenly looks different to us. This is very pleasant to me. AND the guy is a hunk! Good for him for not going to for the stick figures!

  2. Plump? She looks just right. Hollywood is so messed up in their thinking.

  3. Plump? Then why did I think I was looking at Lohan until I realized the girl in the picture had healthy looking skin and nice legs? Can’t see past a shapeless dress, Janet?

    I don’t know about normal (what is that?), but the body that we can see is slim and toned.

  4. No wonder our girls are so messed up. It’s Hollywood’s idea of “normal.” She’s not plump you stupid shit.

  5. This is the way the entertaining community operates, marriage is like high school dating. There really isn’t any values. If it feel good do it.

  6. Get out of the rarefied atmosphere that you stagnate in, get out in the real world, and see what normal women look like. I thought you had more sensitivity then to foster these unrealistic body images that drive insecure women to extreme measures to fit a ridiculous stereotype.

  7. She’s not plump, but her hips don’t lie, they are wider and bigger! She used to be stick-thin! WOW!

    Apparently, she’s replacing sex and drugs with food . . . who knew she even ate food? I thought she just ate men, agents, lawyers, fans, etc . . .

  8. . . . and black is very slimming. They wear a lot of that on Devil’s Island . . . er . . I mean, Hollyweird!!!

  9. She should get rid of her new lust (uh, I mean love) immediately. He smokes. Ewwwwww.

  10. isn’t she the nasty pig that spits on people. i thought so. yuck – i can’t stand that white trash.

  11. Apres Ski:
    She is not a teenager any more. Widening skeletal frames are a part of growing up. Besides, she was not particularly skinny in any other pics I’ve ever seen.

  12. This woman has zero talent and looks like the average teen you see in a shopping mall. What is the attraction?

  13. Janet, I have been your fan for YEARS and YEARS…I have stood by you…and you are losing me. What is WITH you and the way you perpetuate this unhealthy body image deal?She is by no means “plump”. STOP DOING THAT!!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!!!

  14. I love ya Avril people alway talk there bull keep up the good work.”.

    JaSiFar :0)

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