We just don’t understand why advertisers are quitting “Jersey Shore,” Italians are objecting to “stereotypes,” and NJ lawmakers are even getting into the act by appealing to MTV to cancel the show. Why is everyone taking this fluffy show so SERIOUSLY? These kids do represent a segment of the population and why shouldn’t it be presented on TV? Appalachians didn’t try to get “The Beverly Hillbillies” booted off the air – and that was a SCRIPTED show. These kids are just living their lives on camera and if they want to call themselves “guidos” – why NOT? A lot of people happen to think “guidos” are very appealing. This political correctness is getting WAY out of hand. Hopefully, MTV is enjoying the controversy.


  1. The show IS a pice of shit and the lowest quality of class when it comes to young people. I certainly don’t want to see or hear these cretains and I would think most people with working minds wouldn’t. If I were their parents I would really be ashamed of what I’d raised!

  2. Oh, so it is okay for jerks like Perez to insist on PC re: homosexuals and muslims enforce whatever they want in the US but Italians can’t say the show should take a long walk off a short pier? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Freedom of speech in the US died when the hate laws legislated unequal protection under the law. This is Hobama’s America so get used to it.

  3. A lot of people think “guidos” are appealing? Excuse me? It’s not conflating to say the word is the Italian equivalent of “nigger”, and it’s rather horrifying to hear it tossed out there as if for you it’s the equivalent of a cowboy saying “Hey there, pardner”. The television can show anything it wants, and if they choose to show ignorant idiots being… ignorant idiots – fine. I don’t have to watch it, and I don’t have to buy anything from advertisers who support programs I think are beyond trash. It’s a free country, so you can watch it if you like, and defend it as you please. But should you do so, _please_ choose your words better – they matter.

  4. Janet, you are out of touch on this issue. Jersey Shore is offensive to the nth degree. It is comparable to a show about African-Americans where everyone is steppin’and fetchin’, or where every male is a pimp, and every female a prostitute junkie, and everyone is ebonics-ing. The fact that MTV put this show into production is a sign that 1) MTV has hit rock-bottom, 2) American culture is beyond dead – it is now in compost mode, and 3) the end of the world is rolling in fast.

  5. the “JERSEY SHORE” is seriously infected by FAGGOTS, folks?

  6. A bunch of no talent grease stains. Look, they are holding up their I.Q.

  7. I’m Italian and they offend me with their complete and utter stupidity. This is entertainment? It’s trash. They need to put down the tanner and hair gel and read a book.

  8. Why not bring back the bum fights and just get it over with, because there are people who like to kill bums and bums that like to kill each other? How about gangsters of the legal and illegal types? Jersey people are suppose to be Enormously Embarassing and Inept people with no morals, talents, patience or sense? Of course this is not typical of hardworking, smart, gifted Italian culture who shouldn’t be deplicted this way.
    What, you may ask, do social graces have to do with beauty? Let me explain. A person can spend thousands of dollars on diets and fitness clubs, makeup, clothes, and even cosmetic surgery; they can get all dressed up with their hair and nails done perfectly, their clothes coordinated in a color that brings out their beauty, their makeup professionally applied, and look like a million dollars. Then the crude or rude way they walk, sit, eat, greet people, enter or exit a room, or just stand, they can ruin the impression they wanted to make; or those actions can be done with the grace and confidence that enhances the look they wanted. This makes them the complete package.

  9. The problem is the name of the show…not the show itself. If it were called “Guidos”, I don’t think folks from NJ would have such a problem with it. That would be a more fair name, and the show would be just as “entertaining”. Calling it the Jersey Shore is just a deliberately inaccurate stereotype that is meant to stir up controversy and get attention. But as a side-effect, it does anger not just Italian Americans from NJ…but people with Jersey Pride in general.
    Comparing this show with the Beverly Hillbillies doesn’t make sense also because that show was from so many years ago. It’s just a fact that today we live in a world where most people try to be a bit more politically correct.

  10. it’s just a hot mess you can’t stop watching!! not the least bit offensive imo. they’re just being themselves.

  11. And don’t know why they’re picking on Jersey Shores. I don’t have time to watch, but I will say this: EVERY ETHNIC GROUP HAS IT’S LOW RENTS AND THESE BELONG TO THE ITALIANS!

    Brett Michaels, Flavor of Love, etc are the trashiest pieces of reality TV ever design for the human eye. I’m stunned people haven’t figured this out. Flavor of Love is a total embarassment to African Americans but hopefully, he’s using the money to support all the baby mamas he’s created. Same for Michaels!

    These guys are no different and I don’t see what they’re complainint about. Apparently, if it’s the Sopranos or the Godfather, then it’s okay, high art, but god forbide it should be this low rent stuff for the Dyslexics of the World. They too need to be entertained and this is how they do it in the Lower Classes of American Society.

    I don’t agree with them, but I will defend their right to stay tan, take 25-30 to do their hair and to speak bad English because without them, the rest of us would have nothing to compare our high brow, artsy fartsy, gossippy, lives to . . .

    Like everything else, they’ll burn themselves out & then start foraying the forests for gnomes, pixies and food . . .

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