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When Ashlee Simpson married her rockstar boyfriend Pete Wentz in 2008, it seemed like she had everything – at least that’s how it looked to her sister Jessica. Not only was Ashlee married with a baby, but she’d has plastic surgery and looked pretty and THIN. But while Ashlee’s career took a nosedive, Jessica’s blossomed and she was soon earning 50 million dollars a year from licensing. Ashlee just couldn’t get an endorsement deal or an acting gig. Funny how things turn around. Now Jessica Simpson is loaded and she’s happily engaged to Eric Johnson. Ashlee is divorcing Pete (we don’t know exactly why, yet, but it will be revealed, and it won’t be pretty) and she’s asking for spousal and child support.


  1. They both strike me as needy people.

    Pete is a talented fellow that seems a bit insecure but sweet.

    Ashlee is terrified of not looking attractive. That seems to be her whole focus (staying pin thin, hair (which seems really thin and fine and wardrobe). I rarely see her pick up her curly headed adorable toddler son. I can’t help but wonder if the weight of him is just too much for her. She looks malnourished.

    Hope they can find success in whatever it is they are looking for.

  2. I feel this is another way for Ashlee to try to steal the limelight from her sister Jessica and dampen the happieness of her life. When Jessica Divorced, Ashlee married. When Jessica said she wanted a child, Ashlee got pregnant.

    I just feel Ashlee is very jealous of Jessica, and I feel she may have reason to be. In my opinion she has always been second place when it comes to her sister, in her family’s eyes that is. This is very sad though for her because she won’t be happy until she deals with these issues. I also suspect some sort of drug/alchohol issues on her part. May not be true, but it sure seems like it.

  3. They both come across as a bit needy – but from what I’ve read about them at least ‘he’ is a nice person.

  4. Preacher Papa Joe Simpson married them. How weird would it be to have your own father, who is also your manager, officiate at your wedding too. That would have been enough to scare me off, and maybe the family dynamics that hints at scared Pete off also, just a little too late.

  5. they seemed to be really attracted to each other… he must have cheated on her… wonder if it was with a girl or a guy…??

  6. You people are slipping! What, is this the show biz-slow bus??


  7. Whenever I hear her name, I immediately think of that disastrous miming jig she did on SNL. Still makes me laugh.

  8. I read elsewhere that Pete didn’t want to call the marriage off. Ashlee did, so what makes her think she’s entitled to spousal support? Child support I understand, but why should he pay her to leave him when he doesn’t want her to go?

  9. The few times I’ve seen her interviewed, she’s come across as a moron. She giggles all the time. She doesn’t seem able to express herself. Very annoying. She’ll never live down the SNL lip-sync jig. What a joke! Even members of her band laughed at her during that disaster. I don’t care for her, her so-called music, her so-called acting, and her drastically altered face.

  10. Once she cut her hair short you knew it was finished. Plus after having a baby the sex disappears.

  11. If he was willing to work on it, she should have gone with him to counseling at least for 6 months in an effort to save the family. The poor baby will never remember having his parents living together, and that’s sad. No one makes an effort anymore, they just give up over the slightest thing, and leave the kids to pick up the pieces. The kids pay the price in the long run. Too bad these two are too immature to realise that, and it’s why most young marraiges don’t last, let alone Hollywood ones.

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