You can’t imagine our dismay when we heard that Vogue contributor Andre Leon Talley declared that Kim and Kanye are the “first family of fashion!” He raved about their fame in a magazine interview and compared their notoriety to Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Andre watched the press make a big fuss over them at Paris Fashion Week and he ADMIRES their style! He is convinced that the Wests, along with baby North are the most influential celebrities when it comes to fashion. Horrors! Two things to keep in mind: Andre is inclined to wear CAPES, and Anna Wintour has yet to comment.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. Well, he has horrible taste like his boss Anna Wintour. I stopped buying Vogue years ago, they have ruined it. I honestly can’t think of anyone with more ghastly style than Kimye. Horrible, like everyday is Halloween or something. As far as that poor baby is concerned, I’ve never seen it in anything buy black or gray, and I’ve never a photo of her smiling. Not one. Has anyone seen pix of her smiling. There’s something really wrong here. Babies need lots of color around them for proper development. Can you imagine living your life in black and white and gray? As for comparing them to Liz & Dick, hilarious. Liz and Dick also did douchey things to be sure, but they certainly had a hot romance going, Kim is bearding for the gay Kanye.

  2. You can’t blame me for this crap. If you have watched that show or paid to see the boy in a music venue, than this eff’n mess is your fault. Can’t blame the egotistical maniacs on me. wah wah wah no one takes me seriously. Just take your money and be happy you have it. No matter how much you two force yourself on me, and shudder, now it is in what USED to be legit magazines, yeah you got the last f you, but I won’t be buying those anymore either. Fcuk, what is wrong with society that these two are news? Andre used to have some authority but after this ramble, I am sticking to fashion outside the US.

  3. What is the point of all these ghetto cruzers like KK and Jlo for a high quality magazine. Nothing but trash and don’t bring high paying customers.

  4. Those 2 do NOT compare to Elizabeth and Richard Burton — they were interesting, talented performers, and unique. Kimye tries to be fashionable — and there’s no talent between the 2 of them. Leon — you need to get yourself in shape, especially in ur biz.

  5. So, he-who-rolls-in-a-Glad-trash-bag-and-picks-his-nose-in-public-and-grovels-at-the-feet-of-bitch-who-cannot-smile-or-she-will-crack thinks his crystal ball has given him an accurate forecast into fashion’s future??? He had better get the Windex out and clean that crystal because anyone with a brain knows Kim and Kanye are NOT the future of fashion! LMAO!!!

  6. Mr. Talley goes home, by train, to an old house in an aging suburb of New York City after putting in time for Vogue.
    I’ve yet to see Wintour in anything attractive. She seems to have tacky taste–floral dresses all the time. And this dude with the scary stuff going on beneath the caftan. Oh my. Someone has lost their last shred of fashion credibility.

  7. Could this be a picture of the Pied Piper leading his flock to the Blueberry Patch for a lecture on Global Warming?

  8. He dresses (as many of the obese do) in flowing, shapeless, dark attire that (the obese) mistakenly believe will hide their girth. None of us buy it, we know how disgustingly fat you are. Black clothing can only do so much.

  9. Looks like the Piper has a follower….with multiple identities and/or personalities!

    Do they all wear black sheets, too? Appropriate!

  10. Does the flailing psyche patient Strom wear white sheets?
    We ALL know the answer to that.

  11. Here senor Tally (Patrick) promotes BLACK as the new white. Obama loves it….the Kardashians live it!

  12. did u ever notice how uggs and camel toe seem to go hand in hand……i mean even on a huge black dude
    baaaaaaaah……there it is!

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