To be honest, we’ve never been particularly interested in football players – that is – until we saw this photo of NFL star Aaron Hernandez in court a year or so ago. He was found guilty of murdering a guy who dated his girlfriend’s sister and sentenced to life without parole. He was drop-dead handsome with the kind of life one DREAMS about – how could this have happened? And NOW a few days after being acquitted of two more murders, he committed suicide in his isolated cell! It’s devastating, and a TV docuseries is already in the works by the Discovery ID producers. How this super-hunk went from football hero to thug is a fascinating psychological study. We can’t stop looking at his photo…



  1. He couldn’t handle the fame — maybe because of some emotional issues which we know worsen over time if not treated. You’re so right , Janet — such a horrible tragedy for all concerned.

  2. He probably was always a thug. He thought his football fame meant that he was untouchable.

  3. Janet, he is a convicted murderer. What are you talking about?

  4. His mother says he was never the same after his father died, when Aaron was 16.

    The contrast between his behavior after his first conviction (seemingly not having a care in the world); and his tears of relief and gratitude after being acquitted of the two other murders, could not have been greater.

    His family want to know whether something was wrong with his brain, hence their decision to have it retained for study, post-autopsy.

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