This cute actress has been marketed as the next big thing, thanks to her role on a somewhat popular series, but she’ll have a hard time living up to the hype. What will do her in is not her acting – it’s her secret drug problem. She’s addicted to cocaine (it keeps her thin) and it’s ruining her reputation – she’s late for appointments, moody on the set, and looks worn out. Ironically, she’s often been compared looks-wise to a slightly older beautiful actress with the same problem.

Whodunit?? Guess who.

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  1. Hayden Panettiere. Think I read rumors of drug use by her last year.

  2. My first guess would be Hayden too, but Megan Fox on dope would explain a lot, including BAG.

  3. Katie Cassidy and Heather Locklear – on the same (somewhat) popular show – similiar in looks – similar in drug choice.

  4. I take it back, ‘next big thing’ + ‘big love’….amanda seyfriend….

    but ‘slightly older’ actress would be…lindsey lohan??? then i have no idea

  5. I am not up on the latest crop of actors, but I just kept picturing the cast of “Gossip Girl” as containing the positioned- to- be- up- and- coming actress, although I imagined one of the two bleached blonds (just because Leighton Meester really seems on top of her lines — which, granted, could be simulated through editing and she *does* seem to have fewer lines lately — and the older blonde one sounds a little muddled sometimes, and the younger blonde one might be rebelling against her handlers lately e.g. recently published pic of her smoking)

  6. C’mon, guys, use your head! Megan Fox is a good guess, but she’s not on a somewhat popular series. It has to be somebody on TV. Who has Leighton Meester been compared to in looks?


  8. Ok….Almost 6 months from the last update! How can anyone keep up if you don’t Janet? You used to be the best..what happened?

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