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We think Zac Efron is gradually easing himself into a Twilight haircut. Rob Pattinson’s look is being aped by guys everywhere – even one cutie we saw checking out customers at Target. It’ll take a little while before it’s fully grown out but Zac has the hair for it. We wonder if he’ll take Courteney Cox up on her invitation to guest as her younger love interest on “Cougar Town.”

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  1. Oooooooh, just mention Courteney Cox, and it’s barf city. Can’t stand her.

  2. Oops, I forgot this story was basically about Zac Efron and Rob Pattinson. Barf on them too !!!

  3. The headline should be “Zac Efron has 6 inch long eyebrows”.

  4. Both rob & Zac prefer suckin =============D, vs hittin (I)

  5. Zac can wear his hair any way he wants to. To me he is the most gorgeous person on this earth & I am not a teenager. I am a 65 year old grandma with 5 grandchildren. Zac, you ae the best.

  6. please stay calm: the FAGGOT remains the FAGGOT.
    (even with this haircut)

  7. Zac isn’t stealing anybody’s anything. Pattinson doesn’t have a copyright on that hairstyle. Every 20-something guy you see is wearing it. Just walk onto a university campus.

    To claudette neely:
    You GO girl!! You are proof that age is only a state of mind. And you are so right about Zac being the most gorgeous person on earth.

    To captain america:
    You are a freakin’ idiot. Why don’t you take your homophobic racist bigotry somewhere else. Zac isn’t gay, and if he was, he’d say so. I think that all of the people who keep saying that he’s gay are just completely insecure with their own sexuality. Either that, or they are gay men who are just wishing that Zac is too.

  8. And Vanessa Hudgens is hanging on to Zac for dear life. It’s always this way when a star is practically worshipped by their age bracket.

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