Raquel Welch is actively promoting her new book “Beyond the Cleavage: The Real Story Behind the Sex Symbol” which includes not only her life story but her opinions on many subjects. We applaud her for writing the book herself, with no ghost writer, but were a bit perplexed by some of her advice to women on growing older. Ravishing Raquel is approaching 70, and she urges women to embrace ageing and not be afraid. But is HAS been pointed out that her photo on the book cover has been liberally air-brushed. Her amazing natural good looks would have been way more effective than the photoshopped version of herself.


  1. Raquel has been thru all the highs and lows and has paid her dues in GollyWeird. So anything she does is OK. I would not however, buy the book, it seems mostly like it would be boring.

  2. This is a woman who had some of her ribs removed to have a smaller waist. Yeah, sure, tell us your beauty secrets.

  3. “Natural”? beauty secrets? Noone 70 years old looks that way NATURALLY! Get a crip Janet!

  4. Years ago this woman was on one of the talk shows and she blatantly stated it truly takes FOUR HOURS to get dressed and ready to appear in public. Four hours of your life just to leave the house. Wow. If that is not the height of self indulgent ego, I don’t know what is. As well, it means you are looking at well applied make up, fake hair and expensive surgery. So kudos to her for being able, at the age of 70, to continue with the image and myth. But that is all it is. Not beauty. At night when she removes her wig, takes off her make up and is in natural light, she no doubt looks a lot different. And maybe more real. Judi Dench is a true beauty and talent. Raquel is certainly entertaining and charismatic and no longer a beauty, but a 70 year old woman who can afford to buy and apply smoke and mirrors. Not saying anything wrong with that, but let’s call it what it is, OK?

  5. All fake..fake face, fake nose, fake teeth, fake hair(a wig) fake nails…there is nothing real on that lady!

  6. I agree with the above poster, Judi Dench, Helen Mirren, now those are women who are aging gracefully and beautifully. Something tells me everything in Raquel’s life is about Raquel. She was on Oprah the other day and stated something to the effect that she was not there for her kids, what a surprise.

  7. Raquel Tejada (yes, she’s Mexican) has the effrontery to tell women to “embrace” aging and do it naturally??! Give me $50,000 of your money for surgery and fillers, Raquel, and I’ll be able to age just as “naturally” as you have!

  8. She did everything to her face except get the tip of her nose whittled down.

  9. What a joke! Welch has been wearing wigs for the last three decades (what is under those things anyway?)and her face is stretched beyond belief. She is as natural and appealing as the plastic wrap stretched across prepackaged cuts of meat.

  10. I just had the pleasure of being dazzled by Welch in person and she blew me away with her stunning, youthful beauty and energy.

    Let’s not forget nearly 4 decades of yoga, fitness and healthy living – that has surely given her great benefits. As far as wigs, she has the most successful line on the market and donates a million dollars worth yearly to cancer patients (good for her that she proudly wears them!)

    She is still an incredible beauty in my eyes – Go Rocky!

  11. She looks like she spends lots of money on her looks. She should just accept looking like a lovely 70 year old instead of trying to look 50. She must have had a TON of surgery. I agree that Judi Dench is gorgeous and old. Raquel should wait until her next life to be young again.

  12. Miss Eva,

    “Raquel Tejada (yes, she’s Mexican) has the effrontery to tell women to “embrace” aging and do it naturally??! Give me $50,000 of your money for surgery and fillers, Raquel, and I’ll be able to age just as “naturally” as you have!”

    Actually, her father was Bolivian and not Mexican and her mother was English for what it’s worth.

  13. I just wanted to say that, when they come to Portland,Oregon. for Raqeul Welch look alike for the movie-Kansas City Bombers, I was the girl at the end of the line and the producer come around the corner and seen me he asked me my name and said to me wait here I’m going to put you in the front of the line, this was my Biggest dream come true to be a big time movie star, I was always called Raqeul Welch in School and people on the srteet would always ask for my autograph thiking of course that I was Raqeul Welch, But anyway, as much as I hate to admit that big mistake I made, I got cold feet and left the line in Portland,Or. because the producer made me all up tight by telling me that I’m going to the front of the line and that is what gave me cold feet on that very specail day to me, I regret that I left, not a day goes by that I don’t think of that day. I’m also sorry to that producer and to you (Raquel Welch),From your unknown look alike Rachel Macalanda, at the time my name was Rachel Wolff- R.W.

  14. I forgot to say, Raquel Welch your Book is a smash by me.

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