There have been plenty of false alarms for these two, but America’s Sweethearts Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens insist they have finally broken up for good. And what timing! Vanessa’s birthday is December 14 and it’s right before Christmas and the dreaded New Year’s Eve! They’ve been together for four years since they did High School Musical for Disney, and that’s a LOOONG time in teen years – both have done a lot of growing up since then. Still, it’s the end of an era.


  1. Bi-racial Vanessa has never been thought of as a great catch. She may well follow in the footsteps of Lucy Liu, Julie Chen, Tila Tequila, or Wesley Snipes slant eyed wife.

  2. I don’t like this look: the top lip is like a thin pencil line, much smaller than the bottom lip.

  3. Efron is such a chump.
    He wants to break up with her.. or anyone for that matter?
    Fine. Go to it. None of my beeswax.

    But where I draw the line is that this is so blatantly a dodge of having to lay out the big bucks for her birthday AND holiday gifts!
    Don’t tell me that the money he’d be saving never crossed his mind…. cheese-eating little punk.
    Reminds me of Tony Romo breaking up with Chestica Simpson ~ON~ her b’day! Cold, dude.

    Btw, this works BOTH ways. Wealthy celebrity WOMEN shouldn’t do this to their men either. It’s not about blowing big wads of cash on a defunct relationship— it’s about treating one another with class, dignity and respect.

  4. Clearly, there’s a height problem with their romance… She’s wearing those heels to get some height.

    Also, she looks like heck. Not at all sexy. Those look like her mothers heels. That guy probably thinking he ought be with a bombshell, lots of cleavage and sexy chic outfit with petite heels.

    Wonder how firmly tight her butt is ?

  5. She’s not bi-racial Strom, and you would see that if you lifted your hood so you could see better.

  6. Indy, India, uhm….the top lip is often significantly thinner than the bottom lip. It is called “natural”. She has yet to earn her Hollywood trout pout.

  7. Oh, teen-age Love.

    I think we all go through the “Stawberry Wine” phase.

    It’s called LIFE!!!

  8. Zac’s 15 minutes are up…he shunned his fan base and quit the movie “Footloose” and his relationship to Vanessa was supposedly hurting his career because apparently she is not liked by the gossip columnists that constantly put her down as a rude blah person and one that is holding Zac back. But it has been Zac’s career decisions that have cause this. And he cut off the hair that made him so popular to try and look like Robby Patz from twilight! He wasn’t authentic anymore!

  9. he tried to be a hetero sexual…..

  10. Bu, totally agree. But you forgot about the facial hair. Oh the horror! The horror!

  11. ‘Still, it’s the end of an era.’

    ERA???? Janet your constipation is affecting your thinking. Enema time old girl.

  12. He is very good looking,too bad he is gay,but this is Hollywood and most actors are gay.

  13. News flash. Her “beard” contract expired. I had a nice laugh from the poster above stating it was about saving money on Christmas gifts.

  14. Strom, you always zero in on the race or the sex of the person. Dude you don’t even say that the women is pretty or not. I think maybe you’re gay.

  15. Lenny, I think the trolls are getting out of hand. You have Strom and Wim who have a history of writing racist/sexist/homophobic comments that have nothing to do with the posts, Patrick whose more recent posts suggest mental instability — and who has recently made physical threats — several episodes of someone “flaming” by using several pseudonyms, and — finally, and worst of all — a few cases of one poster assuming another’s identity.

    It seems Janet and her team have no intention of addressing these issue, which just makes me more convinced that some of this nonsense is internal (that someone working on the site is doing some of this stuff). I think some of us will eventually abandon this site out of frustration.

  16. Canada, noooo, don’t go, pleeease

    Personally, I don’t give a fat rat’s ass who is who. What difference does it make. It’s all so grade school anyway in cyber-misery.

    I would, however, be pissed off if someone said that I was someone else. So, if anyone gives a fat rat’s ass:

    My first name is Christina; middle name is India. My pappy was 1/2 East Indian; thus my nickname is Indy. Thanks. Luv ya.

  17. Correction: First name is Christine. ( I had just seen something on ChristinA Augillera).

  18. Indy, I am sticking around fur sure.

    If I cannot bait you about Christianity and be or Reta about closeted celebs, and be told by both that I am probably going to hell, my life would not end certainly, but would definitely be a little duller.

    I agree it is all fun and games, and one has to accept a certain level of nonsense, and even villainy when commenting as we do, but there does have to be some trust, and a code of honor, and some people have started playing very dirty games.

    You can be sure it is me writing when you see a combo of savage wit (if I do say so myself), non-PC and seemingly inconsistent opinion, and one or two dreadful typos in each post.

  19. LMFAO….the end of an era??? REALLY? OMG…Ijust may stop coming here….but that did give me a good laugh…the end of an era…AHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAAA!

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