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Of course, Chelsea Handler was joking when she posted this intimate bedroom photo with 50 Cent on Twitter. They both seem to enjoy the publicity they garner as a pair. She captioned it “ I don’t know why anyone thinks I would ever date a rapper!” Chelsea and Fitty appear to be kissing on a bed, but keep in mind, behind every joke there is an element of truth.



  1. Yeah, THAT’S real sexy. Both completely dressed, and not even kissing! he’s more interested in the camera. And besides, I heard he was gay.

  2. Reta, you had something to say to me on the subject of John Travolta regarding him being gay. He is a known homosexual, bonafide, not gossip, homosexual, get it.

    On the other hand, it is just a rumor that 50 Cent is gay.

    So take your advice you gave me on the John Travolta subject…look it up a few down.

  3. Whatever the reason, I doubt this relationship is real. Chelsea is attractive, intelligent and fun, but she is also bossy, single-minded, selfish, middle-aged and not particularly aging well — not the type chased after by musicians, whether rockers, popsters or rappers.

  4. Chelsea Handler is just fairly good looking, and even that’s a stretch. It’s amazing what a professional hair, make-up and stylist can do for a girl. And the only man she is ever gonna be happy with, is a Doormat or a drunk like herself. She has way too much aggressive anger ie, Angelina Jolie. She admits that she has never met AJ, but she continually tries to assasinate her character every chance she get’s.

    I am guessing Handler sees herself as the ugly girl, which again would explain her anger and aggression towards beautiful women and the men that love them.

    Run 50, run as fast as you can!!

  5. Muffin top!!!, As much as I like Handler, I agree with you. She has multiple issues, one being her inferiority complex in the looks department (though if that was such a sensitive issue, you would think she would lay off the booze, which ages white people almost as badly as cigarette smoking).

  6. Funny, I’ve never ever heard that rumor. But who cares if they are dating other than strom.

  7. NOBODY DOES CARE Lenny. I’ve also heard the rumor about fitty from several diff mouths. Don’t care any more about him being gay than Travolta. Rumor is rumor and what perturbs me is people like Indy who treat the rumor on Travolta as “FACT” and condemn him to all sorts of hideousness without proof. hell, even WITH proof, it’s just none of anybody’s business but the man’s wife.

  8. Chelsea has said several times on her show that she is 35. I find it really hard to believe she drinks as much as she claims in her humour. For one thing, alcohol is extremely highly caloric and she is very fit and toned. Also to be able to be sharply responsive and react to the other comedians and guests on her show she needs to be clear headed. It would be very very stupid of her to kill her career and her show by being a blithering drunk. I’m not buying it and think it’s just part of her schtick like Dean Martin who in real life didn’t drink.

  9. Reta, Chelsea herself has acknowledge that she looks older than 35…well, there was a period where she frequently joked about the fact that people thought she was about 10 years older than she is.

    And, I would disagree regarding her being toned. I recently saw her show where she was wearing a tank top over a black bra, and back fat was clearly visible. Also, whenever she is in a skirt her calves are decidedly un-toned.

    Maybe it is just unfair for a Canadian from a big city to compare because 1) it is colder here and we keep better, and 2) there are many ethnic people who age very well (it ain’t just black that don’t crack), but I dunno….

  10. i want to find the Annoyances who created twitter and beat them within a inch of their lives with a pillowcase filed with urinal mints.
    jingle bells…..

  11. What does 50 cent being gay have to do with fucking a white woman? He’s a big ole by buck tooth black guy shoving his big black dick on some old hag hag woman. She left white a guy that gave her a show to fuck a black guy to give her black pearls. Great!!!

  12. Muffin Top: Here we go again with the “Saint Angie” drill, huh? Just because someone can’t stand AJ (myself included) doesn’t mean they are jealous…just have paid attention for the last, what has it been, 10-15 years now of totally insane goings on with Ang?
    And Chelsea by the way has had a pretty successful comedy career for a long time now. Used to be on another show with several other women. I think it was called “Women Behaving Badly” and was a sort of modern day Candid Camera with a twist. She’s also very well loved and respected by other comedians. But then, maybe you wouldn’t get that if you’ve been born without a sense of humor.

  13. Hello: how is it that you personally know the size of Fitty’s dick? HMMMMM? By the way, black, or “tehitian” pearls run much higher in the market than white ones, just in case you want to buy your boyfriend one.

  14. Chelsea and Fiddy are just as interested in each other as a bullfrog looking through icecubes!!

  15. Patrick: oh well, sue me, it’s late… what about all the numbsculls above who can’t spell? You don’t care about that?

  16. Reta, Patrick has tried the John Travolta fantasy inserting everyone else into the scene, but he just cannot get over YOU!

  17. She is certainly trash and her rabbi is probably having a heart attack seeing this picture.

    Black women must have so little on the ball in the way of brains to keep their men at home and then be happy to welcome them back after the dialiances with white whores like this.

  18. Reta, my comment had nothing to do with the “Saint Angie” drill. I was just making the comment that Handler has a lot of issues with women who she may believe are world famously beautiful. Check her show out. Do you ever see any better looking women than herself on her guest panel. NO. She has overweight, homely women. Funny, but still homely.

    The point I was trying to make was CH has or it appears that she has a lot of anger towards certain beautiful people. Why? Comedians usually come by there comedic talents by some sort of trauma or tragdedy in their lives. It is sometimes used as a defence mechanism.

    FYI… I think I have a great sense of humor, but I don’t believe that being mean or hurtful to anyone is at all funny.

  19. Hello, truly that was a dumb comment. She didn’t leave her white boss for a slab of black stud. But if she did his color would have nothing to do about it considering the first person she screwed after dumping her white boss was a white animal guy.

  20. Reta, to answer your above question: “Look it up a few down”. That was not the greatest wording, and I meant to say…scroll down to get to the intended subject. Sorry. Mia culpa

  21. Lenny, from fucking someone that gave u a show that leads to a regular paycheck, exposure, & fame to a animal guy, to a ugly black guy?!? That allegedly burned down his baby mama house. Yes Chelsea is moving on up, to the east….

  22. Chelsea had a very long-term relationship with the TV exec, whom she always referred to as her Silver Fox. She had a very brief fling with the animal guy. She has always been very flirtatious with black rappers, when they have appeared on her show, and has candidly said that she is attracted to them. Fiddy is the first rapper to whom she has been “linked”, and it smacks of a PR stunt. You do the math.

  23. ITA, Indy. I don’t agree with what you say most of the time, but I do on the 50 and Travolta being gay. They’re both rumors, and it’s not like anyone HERE knows first hand.

  24. come on people, lighten up about the gay rumors. this is a friggin gossip site!! 80% (or more) of all of the stories on here are probably fake/made up PR stories that celebrity publicists leak to these gossip sites. please don’t get all sanctimonious about the rumors -where else are we supposed to discuss them?!!! in addition, where there’s smoke there’s often fire…meaning, their most likely gay!

  25. Lenny, believe me, NO ONE is “fucking strom” hahahahahahahahahahahha

  26. Cinnabon, I heard YOU are “gay”. Is that TRUE? Come on, come out of the closet already. Why pretend to be something you’re not?

  27. Cinnabon, so…how does it FEEL to have somebody say something about you that is completely out of your control like that? Wonder how Travolta feels? Can you PROVE you are NOT gay?

  28. Hippo…my thoughts exactly! It’s what I have been saying here FOREVER…don’t bother, these people don’t GET IT! Once they’ve latched onto the idea someone is gay, that’s it, it’s all over, the fat lady is taking her last bow even as we speak.

  29. Reta!!! There are butt loads of evidence that Travolta is gay.

    What I do not get about some of these closeted celebs is why they on the one hand do every obvious thing to cover up their homosexuality — beards and fake marriages, lawsuit threats,etc. — but on the other do things that paint them into a corner — uhm…Reta…like Travolta messing around with gay porn stars.

    What does it take then to convince you? Would you have to see a celeb taking it in the butt, live? Well, then, what about the accusations about MJ? Or OJ? Or anyone else accused. We all have to see it live, or it ain’t true???

    In a court of law it is, if there is enough evidence to convict. It can be one huge piece of evidence or dozens of small ones that add up. There is more than enough evidence that JT is gay. And the most damning one will be his failure to sue Carrie Fisher over her recent comments. Watch and learn.

  30. I am writing above of MJ’s child molestation charges, and OJ’s assumed guilt RE Nicole’s, and Ron Goldman’s murders. Just to be clear.

    I just know some smart ass is going to post: OJ is gay???

  31. Reta – Who are you mother teresa? Part of celebrity is being in the public eye -with people making comments about both their personal and professional lives. Do you know each of the celebs you comment about personally?!!! if you do, then please do tell, otherwise back off! we are all commenting about what these celebs are like, their personalities, their sexual preferences,etc.

    If you feel that being gay is a negative, then yes, it could seem like slander. But I don’t see it that way, I’m just contributing info based on the many stories I have read about these particular people (as well as from my time working at two tv networks). Finally, yes, how much evidence do you need? Or are you one of those clueless people in denial who can’t fathom that anyone is gay? By hiding in the closet, celebs like John Travolta are doing a disservice to all of the young gay/lesbians who could use positive role models.

  32. Sebastian, yes, I WILL watch, and yes, I DO know/believe OJ is the double murderer ihe is. I followed the trial, and the EVIDENCE, including the shoes, the blood, gloves, and the most telling of all: the look of absolute SHOCK & HORROR on the face of Robert Kardashian’s face when OJ was found not guilty. I have always believed he was the one who got rid of that missing piece of luggage, which I believe had the murder clothes and knife in it.

    MJ, same thing, HE ADMITTED on national TV that he slept with kids. He carried them around, even carried the then teenaged “Webster” star around on his hip like a baby, and took him to places a normal man would take a date, such as awards ceremonies.
    When MJ was shown on camera saying how natural it was to sleep with kids, he had his boyfriend child sitting right next to him on the couch and his hand was on the kid on camera. The hidden compartment in that bedroom where he bedded the kids was mighty suspicious, as was the kiddie trap type room, complete with bed and MJ AND locks and video survellience outside of the room so he could stop before anyone could catch him. That he had vitiligo which discolored his genitals, and long before MJ said out loud that he had that a boy said hecould identify MJ’s “privates” due to unusual markings on them. YEP, I’d say he pretty much hung himself on that one. Glad he’s dead, hope someones knifes the holy hell outa OJ too, the smirking bastard.
    But no, I’m still not convinced Travolta is gay. All I’ve ever heard is rumor, not fact. AND he has a long term marraige with kids. It’s not UP to US to out him. If and when he feels like “coming out” IF he’s gay or bi, I’m sure the world will embrace him, because we pretty much don’t give a shit like Carrie Fisher just said. SHE may be just echoing the same rumor that all of YOU are spewing, and THAT, my dear, is NOT FACT. If a million people say it and pass it down the line, it still does not make it so just because we’ve all said it. Can’t you see THAT????

  33. Cinnabon & Sebastian, have you ever thought that it is impossible to unprove a lie? Think about it. That man is being convicted and hung without a trial.

  34. I am in no way agreeing with you, but I do agree with Indy. I do believe that Travolta is gay. Can I prove it no, but you can’t prove that he is not gay.

    Hollywood is not unfamiliar with lavender/sham marriages. Travolta is not of the latter generation, eg Adam Lambert, but more old school, eg Barry Diller but not that old. And for what it’s worth, Carrie Fisher can be brutally honest at the most inopportune times.

    People tend to defend the entertainers they like. No one is 100% unbiased.

  35. Reta, Liberace, before he died, admitted he was gay. But I guess if you did not hear him say that with your own ears, then this too is just gossip and possibly Liberace was really not gay. Are you off your meds again?

  36. Reta, I have no idea if Travolta is hung. Though, from what we know, many men do.

  37. Indy, everyone knows Liberace was the butchest skirt-chaser there ever was. He was king of the beaver hunters, master oyster diver, he had a Phd in muff snuggling.How dare you question his blatant hyper-masculinity! How very dare you!!!

  38. Liberace was flamboyant, never married or had kids, was effeminate and lispy. All classic gay “tells.” His live-in lover even had plastic surgery to make his face look similar to his due to Lib’s out of control vanity. THOSE are all known FACTS and not in dispute.

    I am NOT Travolta’s biggest fan, haven’t seen all his movies or bought any soundtracks or CDs or video’s. Just don’t think it’s fair for OTHER people to make decisions over another person’s sex life which they don’t KNOW anything but gossip from rag mags about.

    He’s been married a long time and seems very happy with his wife and she with him. They love their daughter. I wish them both luck and if I were him I would be pretty fed up with these rumors constantly dogging my life. Younger, less strong people actually KILL THEMSELVES over these type houndings.

    I just feel like because a person is a celebrity, doesn’t mean we own their sex life too. It’s not part of what they are selling people. Who they fuck or what color they or their loved ones are is just NOT important or any of our business and I don’t get the hysteria over it. Try putting yourself in their place and feeling what that constant barrage of hate must feel like. How about when the young girl goes to school and has to hear these comments? You don’t have the right, because you might have bought a movie ticket at some point, to tear down a man when he can’t answer you directly. I think when you do that you’re being a coward hiding behind a screen and throwing stones.
    You don’t have to love him or even like him. Don’t have to go see his movies, watch him on TV, or hear him sing or dance. You don’t have to go to his “church” or go out and sleep with a guy if you’re a guy. But you SHOULD give him the respect of one human to another by not trying to destroy the man when you really do NOT know a thing.

  39. Reta,Reta, Reta…how many of the things do I need to correct…

    1. who said being gay is a negative? that seems to be what you are implying.

    2.this is a gossip site. is everything on here fact, backed up with enough evidence to go to court? no!!!!

    “He’s been married a long time and seems very happy with his wife and she with him. They love their daughter.”

    3. How do you know John Travolta is happy with his wife and that they love their daughter? where’s your proof? do you know them personally? this is an affront to all the miserable married straight people in the country who think they should have a happy and loving family just like JT.

    “Liberace was flamboyant, never married or had kids, was effeminate and lispy. All classic gay “tells.”

    4. Ah, yes, those signs are the tried and true – stereotypes!!! what planet are you from? do you know how ignorant you sound right now? No wait. You are right. John acts masculine, does not have a lisp, has a wedding ring and children. he can’t be gay.

    RETA I think the real world would surprise you. Hollywood loves you, keep on believing.

  40. cinnabon, i totally agree with everything you said in regards to gay stereotypes. it is ignorant to generalize gay men based on them. plenty of masculine acting and looking gay males.

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