You've Come A Long Way Baby!

Huffman_GL_01.jpgPhoto: Gary Lewis

We can’t resist showing you this superglam shot of Felicity Huffman. That Bree character she played in our FAVORITE movie of last year, Transamerica, (It SHOULD have taken home the Oscar in our opinion) tends to stick in ones mind, and we need to be reminded that she can look really pretty too!

8 thoughts on “You've Come A Long Way Baby!

  1. Bill and Felicity have the best marriage.
    Janet, thanks for the nice photos lately… not seeing ’em anywhere else. Shaun and Miss H both look lovely.

  2. Very nice pic of Felicity. She really is beautful.

  3. Nice pix, she needs jewelry at the neck.
    Dress is safe but classic. Woman is not a fashion leader but a lovely woman.

  4. she looks way gorgeous.
    amazing how she looked in that movie.

  5. PLEASE! Can someone please email me the name of the song that Felicity Huffman striped to on top of the bar in Desperate Housewives (and who was the song recorded by?) She was fabulous and the song really “lights my fire”! I loved it! That was SO funny!

  6. I could have sworn that was a photograph of Emma Thompson.
    Felecity Huffman’s stylist is first rate- she looks beautiful in every gown he or she chooses for the functions she attends.
    and she’s lost weight- looks good.

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