Let’s face it, if Felicity Huffman had been given the probation she was hoping (and begging) for – her career would have been over. The act of paying to have her daughter’s SAT scores falsely raised made Felicity HATED by every person who ever studied like crazy to get college acceptable grades, or who struggled to pay for tuition and expenses. At least she owned up to her illicit act and apologized. But if she had NOT gotten at least SOME jail time, SO many people would resent her white privilege that she would be dead meat in Hollywood. Getting two weeks in women’s prison means she might be able to work again someday…

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA


  1. Oh, drop the white privilege crap! I’m sick of hearing that. It didn’t have a thing to do with being white. It had everything to do with greed and money.

  2. It is all BS! Their is a 2 tier justice system and this just proves it! I honestly doubt she will do 1 day in jail! She will be released for over crowding and not even have probation as a punishment! If you have money you can get away with anything! Especially if you are a member of the supposed ruling class!

  3. Of course she benefits from white privilege (shrug) and of course you’re tired of hearing about it (shrugs again).

  4. White privilege???? Really Janet? There is only Privilege. I am certain that Will Smith would have done the same thing if his kids had any interest in college. And her prison sentence is a joke. She’s going to a jail that has no bars and is basically a country club for rich criminals. Furthermore she will come out and go on a talk show pity tour to get the ignorant celebrity worshiping masses to feel sorry for her.

  5. Why isn’t the orange moron squatting in the white house in prison? He paid the University of Pennsylvania millions of dollars so his idiot spawn could go there, get drunk, and urinate in the dorm beds of others. His loathsome son was known as “Diaper Don” at Penn because of drunken incontinence.

  6. Bottom line is that she got caught! She had no choice but own up and apologize. I don’t feel sorry for her.

  7. Prescott Bush paid Yale & then Harvard Business School to get his halfwit grandson, George W. admitted to their schools.
    Not one person lost a place at any university. All those schools have extra places for the children of rich people that bribe their way into the schools!

    And Fred Trump paid to get his moron son, Don the Con, into Wharton, where one of his professors said he was the dumbest effing student he ever had!

  8. To be honest, I don’t mind when rich people give large amounts of money to universities to get their kids enrolled, because the money is used to improve the school and all students benefit. But it’s really disgusting when they pay to change grades and the money goes into various crooked pockets…THAT’s a crime.

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