Woody Allen’s rebuttal to Dylan and Mia Farrow’s accusations is articulate and brilliant. After taking a few days to think it over, Woody sent his response to the New York Times and it’s a doozy. We’re fairly certain he had his lawyer examine every word but this letter gets to the point. It addresses all the issues – new and old – pertaining to Dylan then and now. We were reminded that it isn’t against the law to marry your ex-girlfriend’s adopted daughter. Remember Woody did not live with Mia and her children – he always had his own apartment – so he was hardly a father figure to them. The problem is obviously between Woody and Mia and the children are the ones who suffer most. Since the horrific McMartin abuse debacle back in the 80’s, we’re not quick to judge. (Above, Woody and Diane Keaton in Annie Hall)

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  1. he likes to masturbates with little kids around.
    so no molesting.

  2. Janet, you’re wrong and your old brain is showing. I’m sure you’re a Polanski sympathizer too.

  3. Please, People. I know enough couples invilved in these kinds of disputes to realize that mud gets slinged around. No one will ever know what went on. But do we really want Woody Allen to stop making films?!?

  4. To: JuXtapose.I agree with you 100%.Let’s not forget that Woody started “dating” his stepdaughter when she was underage(17).I do believe Dylan and you Janet,should print Dylan’s reply to this child molesor’s so called rebuttal.

  5. Oh yes, the Virginia Slim generation was trying to make Diane Keaton the role model to follow for so called emancipation…. and all it did was give the lesbo’s some opportunities at new “meat”.

    The post that the LL gave above about the Woodster is what he hopes everyone will say: I may be a perv and Michael Jackson a perv but don’t you love our movies and music.

    Hang them both by their perverted small balls at the city gates!

  6. “We’re not too quick to judge” really Janet because it’s blatantly clear you don’t believe Dylan. Woody has someone wordsmith a statement for him and it sucks you right in. Guess the rest of us just aren’t that gullible and easily swayed by the power of celebrity. And while he didn’t live in the same house he WAS a significant male figure even father figure to those children for a number of years.

  7. It’s creepy to date someone 35 years your junior.

    It’s creepy for anyone under 20 to date a 17 year old.

    It’s creepy to date your girlfriend’s, of many years, daughter, sister or mother.

    It’s creepy not to admit there’s something wrong with doing that.

    I cannot know for sure if Woody abused Dylan, but I have nothing upon which to base a defence of him.

    I can imagine the truth in either direction. I have seen an ex successfully implant such ideas in the mind of of an 8 year old and that 8 year old still convinced at 30. I can also imagine almost anyone having a hidden side that no one would suspect.

  8. Janet, it’s no wonder that you are no longer a writer with an actual job… you have become the #1 problem of being a journalist: you judge people! I feel sorry for you, lady… you are really biased and it shows.

  9. The PC’ers also failed to judge Bill Clinton for multiple adulterous affairs and Hillary Clinton for insatiable but denied lesbian activity.

  10. I believe Dylan. Been in that situation where no one believes you because it is so horrific and it really damages your life.

  11. How about similar outrage on Michael Jackson, who denied his race and turned the word culkin into an action verb!

  12. Allen’s “final words” sound like a guilty mans ramblings. Not one time did he say, how horrible of a person he would be, to have committed such a despicable thing. Most innocent people accused of child abuse identify with the victim and would usually say something like…I would rather jump off a cliff before I committed such a heinous act or something to that effect. Not him, he paints himself as the victim yet again. Disgusting and pathetic I say..Team Dylan!!

    Not in the least shocked by Janet’s opinion BTW

  13. Woody and Jacko are both pee-wees. You gotta be dumb as a rock to think they’re not.

  14. Janet, it is clear from many of your postings you are more a publicity agent (getting fees for posting certain articles) than a journalist.

    Allen’s response is not brilliant, it is pathetic. He has LONG been known in the industry for stealing other’s ideas and having his lawyer’s buy people off. He is a slimy little creep with marginal talent but his repulsive anti-woman stories and neurotic guilty “hero” male characters typify the rich old men who own Hollywood. So he is considered a genius.

    This case is NOT about Mia. It is about Dylan, and other young people he abused. It is a pathetic scam to try and divert VALID criticism of his behavior by, as always, blaming a woman, the mother.

    Read the judgement and FACTS in the case. They put the blame where it belongs on PEDOPHILE Woody Allen.

    Sadly, JC has become an enabler of violence against children. Besides Roseanne Barr is there anyone in Hollywood who really speaks out against this filth? And then of course she is labelled crazy because she does speak out against it. Everyone is more concerned with making money and their careers than doing the right thing. Truly sickening!

  15. If you haven’t read the judge’s decision from 1991, you really don’t know what happened. He was not biased, as Woody glibly dismissed, on grounds that he didn’t like Woody with Soon Yi. His findings of fact show that Woody did not live with them and was not a father figure. What it also present is testimony from workers in Mia’s house who had long been concerned about Woody’s inappropriate behavior toward Dylan. This is before her charge, from a day where the staff said that no one could find Woody and Dylan. They observed his head in her lap when she was naked, and him being in bed with her wearing only his undershorts. He was seen putting his thumb in her mouth. He was in therapy because of this conduct. The much touted Yale Study findings on his innocence are just a consensus statement without detail–that’s because all the notes were destroyed. No dissenters, in other words. He just didn’t do it. Woody has made several false statements, including that he gladly took a lie detector test. Well, no, he refused to take the police test but had one administered by his lawyer. Hmm. They don’t mean anything anyway but he was taking no chances. Get the court case. Read that this is not all in her head or from her mother. But I think she will lose out because people trash the victim. His son Moses, who concurred that the abuse took place when he spoke in 1992, now recants and says, “Of course, my father did not abuse,” etc. Why of course? Because he’s Woody Allen?

  16. Poor Pied Piper, calling posters names and trying to be important. Pervert Woody Allen seems an appropriate topic for you.

  17. ” JC has become an enabler of violence against children ” posted by TRUDY …

    really ? what a ridiculous assertion, worse of all, it invalidates your entire post, and you end up you sounding like the pathetically creepy Strom … try not to let the actual facts intrude on you mouth foaming diatribe

  18. Poor little Alex, always ready to slam a poster without being able to have a new thought.

    Your multiple personas love to use the word “creepy”. Maybe its a self portrait.

    Woody is a perv, no doubt. Diane was happy to try and regain some fame by running to him.

  19. Strom’s “Dissocial” personality disorder is a raging!
    What a psycho mess you are, precious.

  20. The McMartin abuse debacle NEVER happened. The McMartins were totally innocent. It started with one sicko mother – and the other mothers joined in – the gang mentality. There was NO evidence of whips and chains found at the school. Janet — retract this comment. Woody is so slimy – I don’t trust him. It’s interesting that Woody had very long relationships with women his age – Diane Keaton, Mia Farrow, etc. – but NEVER married any of them. He does marry Mia’s adopted daughter who’s young enough to be his granddaughter — after Mia saw naked photos of Sunyi on the mantel. Who does that???

  21. Youtube, Woody Allen on Dick Cavett. Allen makes it clear in the interview that he is NOT a sexual “prude”. Which to my mind speaks to his personal perception of boundaries.
    It is interesting to note while on this subject with Cavett that Allen comes across as defensive and belligerent.
    A very interesting interview indeed. I doubt if Allen would make such statements publicly today.

  22. @Alex

    I suggest you get some very BASIC texts on psychology to understand what ENABLING means. REALLY

  23. this time @Trudy, try reading the texts, not just looking at the illustrations

  24. Mrs. Strom, your comment doesn’t make sense, and I too find your posts chronically “creepy’

  25. Lots of creepy JC posters using multiple names…..maybe pervs in real life or friends of the woodster.

  26. Actually, the real idiot and loser in this debacle is Kristof. I can’t believe he was dumb enough to be manipulated into giving over his column in the first place.

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