Convicted rapist Danny Masterson‘s former That 70s Show costars, Ashton Kutcher, and Mila Kunis have taken a LOT of heat for writing letters to the judge, in hopes of getting him a lenient sentence. What’s even MORE interesting though, is that his OTHER former costar, Laura Prepon, did NOT write a letter to the judge even though she was asked to do so by Danny’s people. Laura used to practice Scientology along with Danny, and there was speculation that HE was the one who got her into the controversial cult. Laura eventually wised up and parted ways with Scientology over five years ago, but according to our source she’s terrified of speaking out against them, (Like Leah Remini does) so she keeps quiet on the subject. THAT is probably why she hasn’t commented on Danny’s conviction or written a letter on his behalf. Our source maintains that she doesn’t want to deal with the danger of talking about Scientology in any way, so she remains silent.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA Laura Prepon and husband Ben Foster



  1. Mormons and Scientology use the same tactics. Secret rituals, tax free status, extortion and money laundering

  2. Isn’t her husband, Ben Foster a Scientologist also or did he exit the group like Laura?

  3. Tom Cruise raised billions for Scientology. People love him and his religion. He even went for Shakira.

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