Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

Wolverine has a soft spot for puppies. “X-Men” star Hugh Jackman took his two month old French bulldog, Peaches, for a walk in chilly New York. Peaches wore a little sweater and Hugh actually carried the puppy most of the time, carefully putting her down whenever they encountered the occasional tree with a little patch of dirt, and picking her up after she did her business.


  1. You have to hand it to Hugh. By most accounts he is truly a nice guy, and nary a week goes by without some story and photos showing him cavorting with his kids, his wife, neighborhood rugrats, etc.

    Meanwhile, the near-public break-up between Hugh and his lover (and producing partner) John Palermo passed by with barely a ripple, which is, perhaps, how it should be in a more enlightened world.

    Now THAT is how you do that.

    Take note, ye highly-paid flacks laboring on behalf of Jake and Bradley. 🙂

  2. Hopefully Hugh was also a good citizen and picked up any “business” Peaches may have left behind (pun intended).

  3. Denise, obviously Hugh is a “good citizen”. In that picture he has already picked up a huge, ugly dump….Oh, sorry, that is the dog.

  4. I can’t see a macho man holding a dog like that or getting that type of dog

  5. Who is “Jake and Bradley”? And “May” why would you “out” this man who has a family and wife? Do you know this for a fact? If so you should add that so your statement can be believed otherwise it just comes across as someone trying to throw him to the wolves.

    As for the puppy being not manly enough for him, I’m sure it belongs to the wife and/or the kids. Often people in cities choose small dogs because they are easier to care for there. I think BOTH of them are very cute!

  6. Jake was outed years ago in the ‘Toothy Tile’ blind vice articles. He continues his ruse with over compensating with high profile beards. Nobody is buying it.

    As for Hugh maybe he was ‘cured’ by some American televangelist or by Sarah Palin. LMAO!

  7. Was Jack’s friendship with John Palermo simply a Bromance or something else? And if a man has uh, shall we say, indulged in gay activities a few times and remains married, is he branded gay or BI, or what? I don’t know.

  8. Indy, a long time ago I heard a male comedian tell this joke:

    I just got a new dentist, and she is a women. Boy am I relieve, because I don’t like having any part of a man in my mouth.

    N’uff said?

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    Big and Hot Sexy Wolverine loving something Gentle and Sweet little Pooch is cute as a Button and love the fact that he is so nice and kind and caring about his Dog and Dogs love you no matter what and they are great company and understand you on so many levels…But I think it shows his Human side and Hugh Jackman may want to Hold on to a little Doggie with a little nose,Little toes and little lips..Sweet little lovely Doggie. What I love about little Dogs is the baby talk that is given.

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