Wow! Even WE were taken by surprise by the news that Lamar Odom not only cheated on his wife Khloe Kardashian, but he’s a secret crack addict! It’s almost too dramatic to be true. TMZ claims crack cocaine is Lamar’s weakness and that he’s disappeared and may be on a binge right now. Radaronline insists Lamar’s problem is Hillbilly Heroin (oxycontin) and prescription drugs. And all this time we thought it was the Kardashians driving him nuts. How this sensational news affects Kris’s talk show renewal remains to be seen.



  1. Anyone would HAVE to be on drugs to be able to tolerate being around such a scummy low “family” like the KarTRASHians.

    Really Janet, Hillbilly Heroin? Why make fun of the poor and confuse the issue? These drugs are a BILLION dollar industry for Big Pharm Corps. Drugs for profit mask the deep problems of pain, suffering, economic problems and poor health (mental/physical) in the US due to worsening economics and consumers being poisoned thru GMO food, chemicals, and legal drugs.

  2. I am very skeptical of this story. I think the Klan is spinning this story trying to garner sympathy for Klhoe and they’ve gone waaay too far. When they got together, I said she would ruin him. Those horrible K trash women are a major curse. Look what happened to Reggie Bush, Kris Humphries, that creep she did the sex tape with, no one remembers his name. They talked the fool Lamar into that ridiculous wedding which took place a month after they started dating. Then they tried to get special treatment and publicity for themselves and the Lakers let him go. He was a disaster in Dallas, but has done better with the Clippers. TMZ has an update that says his rep told him that Lamar is fine but wouldn’t say anything else. He probably just wants to get the f*&k away from those trashy manipulative scumbags.

  3. Meant to say “they tried to get special treatment and publicity for themselves at the Laker games, but the Lakers weren’t having any of that and were pissed he was on a reality show during playoff season and let him go.”

    Really, getting involved with any of these creepy people is the kiss of death.


  5. This story had to be released by the Kardashian family to garner sympathy for Khloe. Or maybe Khloe released the story herself so her mother will no longer give statements saying that ‘divorce is not an option’.

    I hope someone suggests to Khloe that she attend a few Al-Anon meetings.

  6. I agree with Marge, the KarTRASHians drove him to this.
    Crack is wack….

  7. They were dumb as a brick to get married, as troubles followed soon after…and continue….

  8. This is just the Kraps committing character assassination once more because it worked so well on Kris Humphries. I am surprised in fact that they didn’t try to pin drugs on Kris the same way that are with Lamar. Bottom line is Lamar better get himself one hell of a lawyer because he will need it. And I bet Kris H. is happily sitting in MN getting ready for the season and having nothing but sympathy for Lamar even though Lamar had none for Kris. I hope the artist formerly known as Kanye West and now Mr. Kimmode KrapTrashian understands that this too will be his fate should he ever try and leave Kimmode before they are finished with him. And anyone who thinks that Khloe is the nice KrapTrashian or doesn’t cheat as much on Lamar as he does on her is also smoking something because she is every bit as vile as the rest of the Kraps and everyone but the fans seem to know it.

  9. Not buying any of this propaganda. Lamar cheated right and left, ok, but saying Khloe HAD to leave him cause he’s a crackhead is just to try and save face. Pimp Granny doesn’t like it when any of the men don’t fall in line with her rules, so of course he has to go. Kanye West, this is your future, what will they say about you one day?

  10. This is a lie. Kris Jenner is good friends with Harvey from TMZ. She pays him to post stories and she’s been using TMZ to post drug addiction stories on Lamar all weekend, because she doesn’t want it to look like Khloe got dumped. Despite all that, I don’t feel bad for Lamar because he was so desperate for fame that he married that ugly sasquatch Khloe. He should have known the Kardashians would do him dirty the same way they did Kris Humphries and Reggie Bush.They’ve been accusing this man of taking all types of drugs. Hillbilly heroin, oxycontin, meth and all types of drugs that blacks do not take. The dreaded and stereotypical “crack cocaine” was what they FINALLY agreed was what he was using. They’re lying.

    This shows how much privileged whites no NOTHING about this drug and how much WE do. No way could Lamar be a crackhead playing any type of sport. Even without drug checks, he wouldn’t have been able to play. He’d be a “missing in action” player, because that’s what crack DOES to folks.

    Crack is not a “recreational” drug like weed or some prescription pills. You cannot stop doing the drug when you feel like it.

    Last night, Lamar put an end to TMZ’s smearing of this man’s life by hiring an attorney to stop talking about his ass. You will no longer hear any mention of drug use from here on out. Lamar better wax those Kartrashian asses with a quickness when this is all over.

  11. This conniving and manipulative pack of hyenas drove their car over the bones of Nicole and Ron for fame and profit so this latest stunt doesn’t surprise.

  12. These assholes are all f**king nuts! She does look like sasquatch!!

  13. All pro sports players should be constantly tested for drugs and steroids…just like pilots and truck drivers.

    BLACK Serena could never pass a steroid test but she has never been given a thorough one.

  14. Lamar’s a prop, merely part of the scenery,

    oh Strom, give your Black hate thing a break, it’s pathetic, no one cares what you think, oh, and wipe he grease of your chin …

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