We couldn’t be happier to learn that Will & Grace star Sean Hayes is returning to TV. His Jack McFarland was one of the funniest characters EVER. NBC has been eager to lure Sean back in front of the camera and they found what sounds like the perfect project. It’s an untitled comedy about two gay dads raising a 12 year old boy. We hate to admit it, but we wouldn’t mind seeing Eric McCormack as the other dad. We miss them both. When Will & Grace was filming, we used to see Sean Hayes walking around our neighborhood once in awhile and he was always pleasant.

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  1. Sean does not have a permanent live-in partner. He prefers to live his life such as George Clooney; that is, love ’em for a few months and then leave ’em. Well at least he is true to himself and Georgie-boy still thinks he is fooling everybody into thinking he is straight. lol

    I have read several stories how Sean is super-nice and has stopped to help a stranger change a flat tire, gives food to the homeless shelter, and talks to fans and signs autographs.

  2. Towards the end I thought that show should’ve been named “Jack and Karen” the way those two characters took over. He was very funny, and I look forward to seeing him back on TV.

  3. He always has a sincere smile & can count on him making you laugh. I’m surprised he never got offered his own series a lot sooner. Good for Sean, nice to see real talent come back to TV.

  4. What a funny and talented comedy actor. I am genuinely thrilled to see that he has found a tv project that he likes. Good for him!!!

  5. Casonia Sade Logenberry and Hells kitchen will always rock and you never know when your going to get the Boot and Stress and frustration is taking its toll on many people. Love the show and will watch it until it ends? says:

    I liked the show..Until it got taken off the air..It was Funny and massive amounts of Jokes and good story line..But Good for you Mr Sean Hayes..People really like you as an actor and you have an amazing way to let the Joke take on a life of itself and..Great and wonderful that your coming back to T.V. and hope you make a major splash. Maybe you can have your friends come as a Guest Star on one of your Shows?

  6. Denise is so right! That show should have been called Jack & Karen… I loved them… I have the complete series on DVD and am actually watching the shows again… Will and Grace are boring compared to J&K. Anyway, best news ever… I can’t wait to see Sean’s new show… too bad that Neil Patrick Harris already is in his own show because I think Sean and NPH would be awesome together in a series.

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