We can hardly WAIT to see if Charlie Sheen tells the truth about his HIV status. Will he use the tired excuse that manly men prefer – claiming that he caught it from “a prostitute”? Of course that is absolutely not true (no matter what the AIDS charities claim – it’s nearly impossible to catch HIV from a woman.) So that leaves either a homosexual tryst (not impossible considering how high Charlie gets and how oversexed he is) or dirty needles. We’re betting on the needles because he has admitted to injecting cocaine. At this point he’s believed to have been HIV positive for at least ten years. Denise Richards, who divorced him in 2006, says she knew he was infected and she and her daughters are negative. That leaves Brooke Mueller, his drug-crazed wife from 2008 to 2011 and the mother of his twin sons. She and Sheen did plenty of drugs together and she could be infected. She’s most likely the one suing him now. It’s been awhile since we heard from her.

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  1. There’s always been something “not quite right” right Charlie Sheen. As he has aged, the not quite right turned into an obvious mental/emotional issue coupled with a dandy assortment of drugs with an ego chaser.

    Excesses in money, drugs and sex (women, men, and Lord knows what else) have enabled all of his vices in some way. Each of them complimenting the other in ugly, disturbing ways.

    Charlie Sheen will tell the truth tomorrow….or as much truth as he can probably comprehend. I am surprised this didn’t come out last year when there were hushed rumors about it.

    I agree with Janet that Brooke Mueller probably has the disease and is one of several women (and maybe men) that have/or are suing Charlie Sheen.

    I hope and pray that none of his children or grandchildren have any of his mental issues or adopt any of his vices.

    This has to be terribly sad for the Sheen family.

  2. …..and another thing….. Does anyone else find it ironic that Sheen will be interviewed by the equally repulsive Matt Lauer tomorrow???

  3. Yes. Lauer will demand that the cameras focus on him. Repulsive.
    Ego grandstanding for the insufferable Lauer. It will be all about him, not Sheen.

  4. He’s already saying the HIV is undetectable in his blood. Who in their right mind would trust or believe him. Yes Matt Lauer, another adulterer and slimeball.

  5. As soon as they started talking about men, little Angelo became very interested!

  6. After watching the interview, I see that Charlie should never speak without a script to follow. Could not stop stuttering, making fake concerned faces etc. He is repulsive.

  7. Agree with Bucky M about the change in Charlie’s behavior over the years. Is it the drugs and alcohol abuse that cause the mental downward spiral or the other way around? Charlie has never really seemed satisfied or happy.
    I hope he can find some peace within.t

  8. They dressed Charlie boy up in a new suit, made sure his toupee was in place, lathered on the makeup extra extra thick, gave him his doctor as a reputable tv escort and I bet his attorney was feeding him the “correct” responses in his ear.

    Not believable.

    During breaks, I wonder if whoredog Lauer was trying to get telephone numbers and party times out of Sheen.

  9. I wonder if Sheen was paying out money to people because he didn’t want his HIV status public or was it because he didn’t want his specific sex partners (males, trannys, occasional farm animal) to be known?

  10. On Matt Lauer:

    Yes, he is a cheating scuzball. He is living in a luxurious NYC penthouse and sees his wife and kids only on weekends. This apparently is their idea, that is, he can whore around during the week and see his long suffering wife and kids on week ends. They of course will have no money worries ever and she will have nannies and big bucks in exchange for this marital agreement.

    On Charlie Sheen:

    Everyone knows he has patronized ho-houses for many moons. How he has survived the many diseases out there, only God knows. And what kind of crazy woman would ever marry this disturbed man is yet another mystery.

  11. There was an article in New York magazine about six months ago purporting that the HIV drugs really do seem to clear the disease from detection. That gives some people license to engage in unsafe behavior because, there’s a drug for it!

  12. The National Enquirer is claiming that Charlie engaged in sex with MEN. That makes sense because it is almost impossible for a man to catch it from a woman.

    BTW, what did these women see in Charlie? Is there anyone on planet earth who didn’t know how he is? There must be something wrong with them too.

  13. Hey “He’s So Gross”. You asked what did his sex partners see in Charlie? I can only assume it would be just exactly what most of us would guess.

    I suspect Charlie Sheen’s allure was many things: access to lots of drugs, money, hanging with someone famous/infamous and little bits and pieces of Sheen charm and lies thrown in the mix.

    Sheen’s oldest daughter is 30. Most Charlie’s little girl groupies were well under that age and only knew him from the the last or last two tv shows.

  14. Angelo is really interested now!

    By He’s so gross
    On November 17, 2015 at

    The National Enquirer is claiming that Charlie engaged in sex with MEN. That makes sense because it is almost impossible for a man to catch it from a woman.

  15. Isn’t that blind item right here on the right-hand side of this page supposed to be about Sheen?
    And also, people, PLEASE stop spreading the false info that it’s “nearly impossible” to get HIV from a woman. Do research, learn accurate information. Janet Charlton gets so many things wrong in her little gossip tidbits, do not listen to her (bad) medical information. And protect yourself from ALL possible sexually-transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies, please.

  16. What about the thinly veiled rumors of Charlie sheen molesting Corey Haim during the filming of Lucas.

    Having said that, you have to wonder, who molested Charlie Sheen? He clearly was raped or severely abused as a youth. That explains the self medicating with drugs and alcohol and perverse learned behavior. I would love to read an honest tell all about his life.

    Paging Randy Taraborelli…

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