The National Enquirer seems DETERMINED to break up Will and Jada Smith’s marriage no matter WHAT. For many months, they have been writing about how the celebrity pair are rarely seen together, and calculating how much the divorce will cost (215 million!) But Will has always spent time away from the family while filming his blockbuster movies, and Jada thinks nothing of going on concert tours with her band for months at a time. They’ve been married for 16 years and seem to give each other plenty of freedom without resentment. Will HATES the idea of divorce, and Jada seems to have a great life with him, so why would she call it off? We can’t come up with a good reason for them to split. (Above, Jada is happily shopping at Gucci in Beverly Hills)

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. Who are they kidding? They are better actors than we give them credit for.

  2. she has too, otherwise the scientology-clan is coming after you!!

  3. It’s an open marriage, doesn’t everyone know that? But, be sure, they don’t broadcast this fact. They both cheat and she is definitely BI.

  4. If the split up, I DOUBT he will lose a lot of money in a divorce. At the beginning of his career he reportedly lost money due to a manager taking his money. He has surely learned the lessons. I am sure he will want to protect his son Trey by previous relationship and surely had her sign a prenuptial agreement. I am not saying she will walk away empty handed but she won’t take all his money. Their son Jaden is 15-16 and makes money, the daughter Willow is about 13 years old. In 5 years they will both be over 18 years of age and that will change things. I don’t see why they will divorce. They each seem to lead separate lives and discreetly have affairs and flings on the side.

  5. In a recent interview with Piers Morgan she said she came from broken home, drugs, poverty, hard neighborhood. Marrying Will Smith when he was already on his way to major stardom $$$ she thought she hit the jackpot. However, recently she said success does NOT make you happy.

  6. Poor Luka….do not leave your daughter or wife (if they happen to be white) alone with Jada for even an hour. It is said that she now have developed such a desire for female sex that no fem is safe!

  7. Take care of your kids.. they need your loving attention, wise guidance and for you to behave like responsible adults.. not selfish, immature divas.

  8. Their marriage is a business arrangement. They are beards for each other.

  9. During the early course of their relationship,
    both Will and Jada were in high grossing movies. Jada played the supporting role to Eddie Murphy in The Nutty Professor, and Will played the leading role in Independence Day. At that time while promoting their two films,Jada and Will were in a joking and competitive mode about which film was going to be #1 at the box office. Jada is from Baltimore and was a close pal of Tupac. She learned the business of show business while continuing to travel her own course in Hollywood. Will and Jada have been married for OVER 15 years, and Not only do these two performers act in film, and Jada have her music, but they also have been co-producers of successful shows which Now include Queen Latifah’s new gab fest. I wish them continued success both in marriage and their business endeavors. PEACE!!

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