Kris Jenner must be grinding her teeth because Kourtney’s baby, Penelope Scotland Disick, was born at the WORST possible time! Momager Kris had hoped for tons of attention when the much publicized baby arrived, plus a hefty amount of money for the first photos. But the world was SO totally caught up in the drama of the Cruise-Holmes divorce, that the birth was just a blip on the radar. On top of that, Jessica Simpson’s baby pix did NOT do well on the newsstands, so magazine editors aren’t likely to pay much for Kourtney’s second baby. Huffington Post says “The Kardashian craze has been over for some time now. A picture of Tom and Katie is worth more.”



  1. Hopefully it’s the beginning of the end for the Kartrashians!

  2. Oh, sooo sad. Maybe they will all just go away. Or even better, get real jobs and actually work for a living.

  3. IF there is a God, he will make sure all of the WHOREDASHIANS lose not just their fame but wealth. They are a cancer on society. Kim makes Paris Hilton look like a choir girl.

  4. Tommy likes Kardashians.
    He’s secretly in love with Kim.

  5. Let it be the grand finale of:

    All the Kardashians

    Brad Pitt and Jolie


    More, will think of later. LOL

  6. I hope the baby is healthy, but seriously, even if Tom and Katie didn’t hog all the gossip sites with the divorce, would anyone really care about the fact that she had another baby? Not me.

  7. I hope the baby is healthy too. I bet it is a cute little blessing.

    I don’t care for the Kardashians. They appear to be such selfish & self absorbed people.

    I’m sick of all the people that Indy mentioned above.

  8. No one cares about this stupid kid or her selfish, disgusting parents! This Scott-character is the most obnoxious, self centered person I think I have ever seen, which means he fits in perfectly with the rest of this nut family. The only family member who seems ok is the brother, Rob. The rest of them are just plain GROSS.

  9. Do theses idiots honestly believe the world stops spinning every time they make some sort of announcement? There are worse things going on in life, famine, war, drugs, broken families. This moronic clan need to get a clue.

  10. This whole family should be sterilized the world would be better off without this trash.

    What a suprise yet another dumb ass 15 year old level comment from Patrick. Ass kissers walt and patrick should be in church or pie eatin’ contest stuffing the faces and saving us their boring ass stories.

  11. this famewhoring family needs to go away and never come back!Now those breeders will bring more and more kardashians in to this world.

  12. Can we all stop our addiction to downloading free movies/music? Ever since Napster the quality of movies/actors/actresses and music have become Corporate because REAL talent is too expensive or not ‘corporate enough’.

    Let’s start buying cds and dvds and movie tickets (hugs) so quality talent will become front page news instead of corporate deadweight. Peace!

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