We can’t help wondering WHY Kimberly Stewart, 31, and Benicio Del Toro, 44, chose to have a baby together. Their fling was very brief (maybe even a one night stand) and neither seemed the slightest bit fazed by her pregnancy. Their baby daughter was born this weekend and Kim’s daddy Rod Stewart and wife Penny Lancaster and Kim’s mom Alana Stewart were at the hospital, but no Benicio. He has stated that he is committed to supporting the baby. But why would Kimberly cut short her fun single life to have a baby with a man she doesn’t even date? Benicio has always frowned on the idea of marriage and recoiled at the thought of a wife and kids invading his West Hollywood apartment. Not a match made in heaven, but he DOES have an Oscar.


  1. Kimberly is not known for her intelligence. She may have thought she could extort cash from him because as Janet noted in a previous post, her Father is tight with the money.

  2. I guess she inherited her pappy’s ummmm… lust for life.

    Did rats suck her hair?

    Nothing surprises me any more, nothing, nada.

  3. Perhaps, she thought it was time for her to do something…..either marry or have a child. Having child seemed like her best bet.

    I hope the little girl is healthy, cute and has a decent upbringing (for Hollywood). In addition, I hope she isn’t plagued by excess hair like her talented hairy dad. 🙂

  4. that poor kid is gonna be anything BUT cute unfortunately…..it might help if she had a lot of facial hair like her dad….to cover up that mug she ended up with from these two….

  5. Walt, I was going to say the same thing. She doesn’t have any kind of education or career does she? Now she’s a mom. I can imagine the baby was an oops, and many women wouldn’t have the child so I’ll give her the benefit of a doubt that she thought she could be a good parent. Maybe she thought it was her one chance to have a baby?

    Hope the baby is healthy. I’m sure Rod is over the moon about being a grandfather.

  6. @Denise

    I certainly hope she is a good parent. She’s had an opportunity to be around babies in the last few years with her dad and Penny. Rod and Penny had one in 2005 and another one this year. (Incidentally, Rod is a father to 8 children total.)

  7. Probably because she got drunk and/or stoned and couldn’t figure out what to do next.

  8. YIKES:

    “Beauty and the Beast”??
    By all indications, my *guess-a-mation about this odd coupling is a few potent drinks can make almost anybody look “halfway” decent.
    I guess it is a good thing that Benicio didn’t
    show up at the hospital,one look at him by that Newborn baby girl and she would have been traumatized for life.
    It is very adult of Kimberly to take the responsibility for the love and care of her daughter with or without “The Wolfman”!!

  9. @Leo

    Are you implying she had beer googles on when the conception was made? LOL!!!! I suspect you would be correct!! LOL!!!

  10. @ Walt:
    Dare I use a line from Nathan Lane as Timon from The Lion King?? “you’re killing me”.
    It is a rare occasion that your comments don’t tickle my “funnie bonz”.
    I am going to Nominate you for the comedy hall of fame, as soon as I become Rich and Famous!!

  11. @ Kitty:

    20 minutes later, and I am still laughing!!

    I believe that after a lovemaking session with that mugshot everything was going jippity, jippity,jippity. Classic case of what have I done?? The #1 reason for giving up drugs, alcohol and Not leaving the house without a police escort.
    Years ago,comedienne Jackie”Moms Mabley” said that her husband was so ugly, that he had a job standing outside the doctor’s office making people sick. Benicio may earned an Oscar for Traffic, but he will long be remembered for his portrayal of his look-a-like “The Wolfman”!!

  12. well, the united states is already BANKRUPT.

  13. Deana, I think the majority of people agree with you from what I’ve read. I think its the eyes.

  14. @Diva:

    First time greeting!!

    To borrow a line from your vocabulary.
    Life is like a box of chocolate, you Never know what you are going to get!!

  15. @ Indy:
    Have a terrific Tuesday!!

    I “second that emotion” of your last line of comment.
    I have so often said in conversations, that Nothing surprises me anymore. Nothing, I may be temporarily shocked, but Nothing surprises me anymore.
    @ Denise:
    Hope that you are a having Super Tuesday!!

    Games People Play!!
    When Benicio said hello, Kimberly should have said see ya, goodbye, don’t bother to call. Of all the blunders and bloopers that go on in a person’s life that we do Not know about, Kimberly’s claim to fame will be about her association with an ill responsible, I don’t have time to be there for my child’s birth, Benicio del Toro.
    Even though her parents may love her and her daughter, I can easily believe that her mother Alana is having a royal conniption with Benicio being an “outkast association”
    of The Stewart Family. A classic case of look what the cat dragged in.Former Model and A-list hostess Alana Stewart is known by her associations with first husband and lifelong friend George Hamilton, and for her faithful friendship with Farrah Fawcett, To have to try to pretend to accept Benicio as her first grandchild’s father may be all the tolerance that Alana can stand.
    Well written story!!
    Without putting Kimberly on display,there should be an example of this story in every high school sex and education class. Even though Kimberly and Benicio are over the age of 21, this story is among countless stories of ill responsibility that under aged girls experience when thrushed into the reality of (unwanted) pregnancies and the (boys) and men who are Not there as fathers and the young woman and her family have to take over the responsibility of setting the tone for love and security in that child’s life. Even though we all have opinions of this particular story,in the real world far away from the tinseltown of Hollywood, related stories to this one is a major problem with No easy fix. I admire the fact that Kimberly has chosen to take over her parental role to her daughter. As some of us know with a different situation children end up in loveless homes, or in adoption situations because of ill responsible (not there presence)like Benicio has already exhibited.
    I hope this continues to be a hot topic,
    I believe that Kimberly’s child will be able to blend in with Rod’s younger children with Penny Lancaster. Alana has proven to be a “there for you presence” for people that she cares about. PEACE!!

  16. Casonia sade logenberry..Two ladies tossed off of Hells kitchen and the reason is there actions did not match there words. Saying it and not doing it is away out the door. Put up or shut up! says:

    Not a bad looking guy and of course I Would want to have a baby with the man as well and I bet that little girl has Beautiful eyes and of course sharing blood lines and having some one to share your life with and some one to love and have be your child and it is a blessing and of course here comes the grandparents! Fantastic to have some one to share life with and see things together and go places with.

  17. (Buuuuurp)

    Perhaps, it isn’t just a rumor that the pony riding Reta split up Will & Jada Smith and was the main entertainment for Kris and Kim’s honeymoon night.

    Everyone whispered that she was responsible for reunion of Charlie and Brooke as well as Gumby & Poky. Heard Charlie & Brooke sent thank you notes to both her and the pony.

    Someone matching Reta’s description (and the pony) saw a woman with a gas can and a torch walking past Richard Branson’s mansion the other night.

    There’s a side of Reta we don’t want to know about. I’ve heard the things that she will do for a Klondike Bar !!!!

  18. @ Walt:
    Where are you Buddy??
    Remember the old Carole King song??
    Well, I am going to inform you,
    That I felt the Earth move under my feet. I was at my trusted desk, minding my own business and the floor and my chair started vibrating. I went outside and looked around and everything seemed Normal, and then I got a call informing “Yours Truly” that we had an EARTHQUAKE. I turned on the trusted television and the crawl was “telling” that a 5.9 magnitude EARTHQUAKE had shook us up. Hope that you, family, and all of our pen pals are okay.
    @ Indy:
    @ JC:
    Everybody check in, and share your stories!!
    Is there trouble in paradise with Will and Jada??

  19. @Leo

    You had the earth moving under your feet? Were you looking at some glam photos of the ever lovely Ann-Margret???? That usually makes me a little light headed.

    Glad you are okay Buddy!!!!

    I left you two or three notes under Chaz Bono (and possibly others) but definitely under Chaz.

    We’re having spaghetti tonight. I’ll even let you use my stash of beano. LOL!!!!!! 🙂

  20. Leo…lol

    Man, I would hate for the whole world to know not only had I slept with him, but actually had his baby and he’s such a prick that he has no interest in her.

    The women who say they would gladly sleep with him or have his baby must be blind or handicapped in some other way.

  21. The usual they had great sex together and she has fallen in love with him and was trapping him…same old same old…

  22. @ Kitty:

    A double dose of Lotion Potion #9 would fail to make Benicio Del Toro look appealing!
    @ Walt:
    When you’re in love with a beautiful woman!!
    We all know that you are in love with your lovely wife, and her fabulous cooking, but she is more than understanding to know that you have an extra set of “peepers” for the talented and legendary Ann-Margaret.
    Just a little tidbit about Ann-Margaret who was so adorable in Bye Bye Birdie in the 60’s. Ann-Margaret has been married to husband Roger Smith for decades. She has written an autobiography but, she is *Not a gossip. I particular admire the fact that she does Not like gossip. Everybody loves AM. She will Not talk about you behind your back. In her book she goes on to tell about a couple of her management team, who spoke out about someone that she knew, they waited for AM to make a remark on the comment, and when she would Not make a comment, she let it be known that the person was Not in the room, and she refused to talk about that person without that person being there to comment. How many stories have you read about her in the tabloids over the years?? She does Not like gossip,and she does Not make the talk shows or the tabloid circles. Her book was revealing including her “friendship” with Elvis without belittling or exposing unnecessary stories about others that we did Not definitely have to know about.She Named a lot of people who she felt were responsible for giving her a helping hand in the entertainment industry. She is very family orientated, and I can see why Walt has revealed his crush on the still beautiful (at 70 years young) Ann-Margaret!!

  23. Thanks Leo!!! Thanks for sharing the great info about the always lovely Ann-Margret. My better half adores Gary Cooper and Jimmy Stewart!!!

  24. Gee, Janet, maybe she didn’t want to get pregnant but also didn’t want to have an abortion. I respect her decision.

  25. @Janet.. I agree Xhtml! Janet, you make it sound like she should have an abortion, to have a free life. Wow, okay.. She should kill her baby. Yes, it is a baby with a beating heart. Wow, I’m glad my Mom choose not to get rid of me, so she could party…you make it sound so easy. Very sad. I respect her decision, I can’t wait to see the pics!

  26. Sounds like you are saying she should of chose to abort. Aren’t you just special.

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