We can live without Jane Fonda, but her son (with Tom Hayden) Troy Garity, 38, is another story. He’s a really hunky appealing actor and he got a big break this year. He landed roles on TWO new TV series for fall. He was cast as a investigative journalist on the Chicago based Kelsey Grammer Starz series called “Boss.” He’ll be digging up dirt on the mayor played by Kelsey. Troy is also debuting this fall as a gangster type on another Chicago based show, The Playboy Club on NBC. Imagine filming TWO pilots and having both get picked up!



  1. Gosh, she looks great for 173. Seriously, she is still very lovely. When I look at her I still see a 1968 sexy Barbarella.

    (I don’t agree with her politics but I’ve always agreed with a lovely female body. lol)

    Which reminds me. Would it kill Janet to post a photo of Ann-Margret every now and then???

  2. Nice looking fella! He resemble his famous grandfather quite a bit. Good for Jane, she is a classy lady that deserves all the happiness in the world!

  3. If I recall, Tom Hayden was not a good looking man. Clearly he has the Fonda genes.

  4. If his politics is anything like those two communists Hanoi Jane and the SDS and Chicago Eight member Tom Hayden, I have no use for him. I guess that’s another couple of shows I won’t be watching. And yes, Tom was dog ugly-only a fellow communist/socialist would have found him attractive.

  5. So nice to see Jane getting a bit ‘wide through the hips’ and wearing a full skirt to disguise the fact. Makes those of us who gasped through her aerobic videos in the 70’s, feel much more confident about aging gracefully, ( and sporting smaller hips , that can fit into a slim sheath!)

  6. In 2011, Hayden made news when his speech at his and Jane Fonda’s sons wedding a few years ago was reported in the May 9th issue of the New Yorker. Hayden is described as honoring his son’s marriage to a black woman by remarking that it was “another step in a long-term goal of mine: the peaceful, nonviolent disappearance of the white race.” A leopard doesn’t change his spots.

  7. I’m thrilled that Troy is finally getting some air time after years of trying to make it. I would like to hear more about his half-sister Vanessa. What is she doing now, Janet?

  8. One of these days I think Kelsey (I loved the tv show Frasier!!!!) will tumble out of the closet. Looks like he would be much happier if he did.

    Yes, I know about his marriages. Big whoop. lol 🙂

  9. Soldier’s Girl. Watch that. It is only a matter of time until his name is known on his own.

  10. let’s hope the american audience will spit him out, old studebaker-fonda too!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Casonia sade logenberry..Two ladies tossed off of Hells kitchen and the reason is there actions did not match there words. Saying it and not doing it is away out the door. Put up or shut up! says:

    Wonderful for Troy Garitys and it is good that he has a Gift and that he has kept his eyes open and has gathered the right stars and moons crossed but fantastic to start a new project and seems like he is delighted and excited about the future. And Good luck and well wishs.

  12. (Buuuuurp ……Tooooooooooot) Ahhhhh, a special combo.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Perhaps, it isn’t just a rumor that the pony riding Reta split up Will & Jada Smith and was the main entertainment for Kris and Kim’s honeymoon night.

    Everyone whispered that she was responsible for reunion of Charlie and Brooke as well as Gumby & Poky. Heard Charlie & Brooke sent thank you notes to both her and the pony.

    Someone matching Reta’s description (and the pony) saw a woman with a gas can and a torch walking past Richard Branson’s mansion the other night.

    There’s a side of Reta we don’t want to know about. I’ve heard the things that she will do for a Klondike Bar !!!!

  13. Troy Garrity did a commercial long ago for his socialist scumbag dad. Troy mentioned how his father taught him values. Troy was later arrested for tagging. Of course, this was way back when he was a teen in Santa Monica California, roughly in 1990. It does help that he has a famous actress cunt of a mom to help his career along even though he hasn’t done much other than play a wigger in Barbershop. He is pretty good in playing a wigger.

  14. How nice to see the Neo-Nazi’s out and proud on this comment board….ignorant pond scum

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