The Russians weren’t the only ones scheming to manipulate presidential campaign results and put Donald Trump in office. Trump’s close buddy David Pecker, CEO of American Media, who owns National Enquirer, did his VERY BEST to get his pal elected. Our former boss! (Pecker flies to Florida on Trump’s jet.) We were particularly appalled by this deviously photoshopped cover of Hillary Clinton with a frightening list of unsubstantiated medical issues indicating she was at death’s door! This was printed not long after Donald Trump declared her physically unfit for the job of President. During the primaries, the Enquirer lambasted Trump’s opponents Ted Cruz with claims of extramarital cheating, they targeted Jeb Bush for doing cocaine in the ‘80s, and accused Ben Carson of crippling surgical patients for life! Trump was very conspicuously spared of ANY negative press. The Enquirer claims their stories (lies?) during the election, upped circulation by 12%. Consider yourself warned: Our President is in bed with The National Enquirer!



  1. (Having said all of that, we have to agree with Janet that The Enquirer is being grossly irresponsible, when it gives people false hope with banner headlines such as, “HILLARY ON HER DEATHBED!,” etc.)

  2. But the Enquirer was also one of only a few who wrote about Hilary’s numerous extramarital lesbian affairs. That never made it on national tv and is a pox on people who call themselves reporters to gloss over it.

  3. The Enquirer was barely clinging to life before the election. Trump just finished it off.

  4. Calm down, Janet! The Russians didn’t help Trump; that is one of the thousand lies put forth by the liberal media. Hillary is a liar, a criminal, and was a horrible candidate. She does have health problems, we saw it with our own eyes. He was backed by CNN, ABC, CBS, NY Times, Wash. post,
    Many others. I see doctored photos all over the Internet of lots of celebs.

    She lost, grow up and get over it.

  5. Say what you will about the Enquirer, but during the OJ trial, he claimed he never owned a pair of those Bruno Magli “ugly ass shoes.” The Enquirer unearthed a picture of OJ WEARING a pair of those ugly ass shoes!! Lie, lie, lie, OJ.

  6. The National Enquirer has been around for decades; don’t mess with it. The N.E. has dozens of competent sleuths who have insider connections, who feed them the truth. They also have lawyers and very competent staff. They research every item to see if it is the truth before it goes to press. The N.E. does not put out lies; it has just gotten a bad rap, because hard-nose liberals can’t stand to hear the truth.

    Regarding Hillary’s lesbian affairs; all of Wash, DC. knows she is one…they just don’t want to out her, and why is a mystery. The N.E. researched this matter and once again told the truth. They have caught her with a very prominent female in DC.

  7. P.S. (on comment from above):

    I can remember only one time where the Enquirer apologized for a story they ran. They said this celeb had just married her long time boyfriend, when in fact she was still just engaged. (They apologized for the false info they had received, even though this was a very small error). They do not nor will apologize for any political matters that were printed. They were researched and are true. So suck it up. The End.

  8. P.S.:

    For those who may not have heard…

    The Donald refuses the presidential salary and states (in his own words) that he will take $1.00 per year while in office. How many more has done this?

  9. ….. and the main stream media weren’t trashing Trump and Melania during the election? Level playing field is what I call it.

  10. What kind of moron believes the National Enquirer? The same kind of moron who thinks the stupid and ADD-and-dementia addled Trump would make a good president.

  11. Personally, we’ve been hydrating with Clinton tears for weeks, and it’s been GLORIOUS!

    GLORIOUS, I tellz ya!!

    Carry on.

  12. The National Enquirer is a trash rag sold to and read by half wit, uneducated, rednecks and clinical imbeciles who are to stupid to even realize how stupid they are. These people revel in their own stupidity. They hold their stupidity up as a badge of honor. And sadly this election has proven that the US has a large population of complete morons who have just enough intelligence to navigate through life somehow.

  13. Daggers, JFK didn’t take a salary when he was POTUS, nor did Bill Clinton. Just a little history lesson for you.

  14. JFK did take the presidential salary, claiming he wwas going to give it to charity….but the fact remains that he did take it.

  15. I already suspected that trash tabloid of being controlled by that imbecile Trump. Not a surprise there.

    The real surprise is how many people on here are supporters of Trump. He has publicly lied repeatedly and be caught, he has mocked a handicap man, he is in bed with Putin, is making a mockery of the presidency and what it is suppose to stand for.

  16. Even more surprising are the people who voted for a crooked serial liar who had been having extramarital lesbian affairs for 40 years without consequence!

    Hopefully she and Huma will elope to Lesbos.

  17. Bite me ole’ Hateful One (aka Strom).

    Of course, you would latch on to any candidate full of lies and fostering hate. No big surprise there.

  18. That’s right Janet, Trump is our president! You and your liberal friends should get over it already! I didn’t vote for Obama, but I didn’t need a crying room, hot cocoa or a coloring book to help ease my pain, in fact I didn’t have any pain because I accepted it and gave the man a chance. Goodbye Clintons!Goodbye Obama! God Bless America!

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