Two mega-successful female celebrities have chosen to exhibit their madness on Instagram and there’s no stopping them!

Britney Spears started performing on Instagram while her conservancy was still in place. She repeatedly films herself “sexy-dancing,” pushing her skimpy shorts down to show her tattoos, while she repetitiously hurls her arms in all directions, spins in awkward circles and wildly shakes her uncombed extensions. Sometimes she posts nudes- thoroughly embarrassing her sons.

Not so long ago, Madonna discovered photoshopping and she cannot resist giving herself a new, decades younger face in numerous photos featuring an array of hair colors. Emboldened by her youthful self, she broke up with her boyfriend, pulled on her fishnet tights, and started hunting for a new lover. Her latest attention-seeking device is questioning her sexuality. Is she bisexual – like so many of the kids today? Or hungry for attention?  Madonna is embarrassing her fans…

Photos: Instagram


  1. Britney should stop constantly publicly accusing her family and others. It makes us think there really is something very wrong with her. Plus her nudity – come on! Not attractive or normal.

    Speaking of nudity, Madonna is gross.

    Who is nuttier? Brittney by a hair.

  2. Britney’s husband from Iran has taken over her life and makes her memorize the Koran daily.
    He allegedly keeps her off her meds to facilitate having baby so his immigration status can be decided.

    Once the baby come he will have her declared unfit and take control of her entire estate

  3. Madonna is just plain old boring. Nothing about her life is interesting no matter what she says or does.

    Britney is plain old tiring. I’m sick of her constant posts disparaging her family. Her constantly posting herself in various states of undress are tacky and tasteless. She wonders why her sons don’t want to be around her. I know she has mental issues, but without anyone saving her from herself, she’s a hot mess.

  4. Britney is whackadoodle crazy and should be heavily medicated, no wonder her sons are embarrassed by her. It is a shame that Madonna is acting this way. She should be remembered for the amazing performer she is, instead of this hungry older woman

  5. I’m sick of people spewing this mental illness garbage. Madonna is just a narcissist who can’ t deal with getting old and Britney was imprisoned and victimized by her family. Since when does being labeled “mentally ill” give your family the right to steal your money and keep you from having a life? We have truly mentally ill people out on the streets of our cities attacking people, doing drugs in broad daylight and pooping in the street but no one is putting them under a conservativship. So what is the difference? Britney is worth $100 million that’s the difference.

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