Whoopi Goldberg just lost what little credibility she still had by defending Bill Cosby once again. Forty-plus women accusing Cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them does not represent likelihood of guilt according to Whoopi Goldberg. Apparently she blames the victims. Whoopi got up on her high horse and accused Cosby critics of making “snap judgments!” Imagine that! Even after Cosby HIMSELF confessed to drugging women for sex purposes in his 2005 testimony, Whoopi insists he is “innocent until proven guilty.” Whoopi Goldberg is a disgrace to the female sex. And she still believes OJ Simpson didn’t do it.


  1. she needs to just GO AWAY.
    annoying and….. annoying.she said there he had not been “proven”? he admitted it in court!
    that whole show needs to go to the boneyard,,,it needed to years ago. thanks barbara ego walters….

  2. Whoopi — Just because Bill wasn’t attracted to u — does not make him innocent. His own wife knows he’s guilty. Yes – The View’s days are over!!!!!

  3. Whoopie needs to go! This show is a ladies chat fest, why is she defending him? He doesn’t give a sh8t about woman. Just gross.

  4. Whoop is not too bright. She does not want to face facts (admitted by both idiots Bill & OJ they did it)
    The view will NOT be on much longer…
    I understand she is funny, just not facing reality.

  5. Trouble is, Bill’s celebrity got him away with it. I’m sure back in the 80’s he was totally charming to Whoopi Goldberg. Charges were never pressed so to a point she’s correct. If the LAW had done its job this wouldn’t be a debate. Shame on those ego turned a blind eye.

  6. Um, Beverly Johnson is a very credible BLACK woman.

    Anyhoo, Rosie Perez is leaving and the Raven less than smart.

    Cancel the View already!

  7. ……………and much more.(murderers too)

  8. Remember all the mistresses that came out of the woodwork after the Tiger Woods scandal??

    I think at least 20% were fake, fame seeking idiots. The rest were actual girls Tiger had on the side.

    I also think the same is true with Dr. Cosby. Some of those ladies want the attention but the rest probably have a legitimate story to tell.

    It appears that he has been doing this for years and the term ‘serial rapist’ would be used if he wasn’t a celebrity so he will have to get use to hearing it when his name comes up in the media.

    Whoopie is out of touch. Too much medical marijuana has fogged her brain.

  9. Cosby is NOT a Dr. No MD or PhD
    OK he played one on tv…

  10. Bill Cosby preferred young white model/actress-types. They were naive and vulnerable and couldn’t imagine Bill being a molester. Obviously, no one wanted to sleep with Bill – otherwise, he wouldn’t have had to drug them. His long-suffering wife stands by him — she’s pathetic.

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