At last! Some GOOD news! You have probably seen those numerous Scientology ads on TV inviting you to “check them out.” FINALLY Scientology is getting a comeuppance! A celebrity church member is being punished for his crimes IN SPITE OF Scientology interference. (Ck The Underground Bunker for details) That 70’s Show actor Danny Masterson has been found GUILTY of forcible rape of 2 women in the early 2000’s. Danny looked smug and confident as he arrived in court every day with his wife (and fellow Scientologist) Bijou Phillips. Despite Scientology efforts to frighten the accusers, he is facing 30 years to life in prison. His wife WAILED and sobbed when she heard the verdict and he was taken into custody. This is a huge setback for the “church” of Scientology and we couldn’t be happier!

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA Danny, wife, and entourage arriving to court



  1. To all those that keep paying for Tom Cruise movies, this is what you helped create . The Mormons are even more involved in criminality .

  2. A convicted rapist. Maybe the Republicans will choose Masterson as their presidential candidate. That would give a crystal clear picture of how much their party hates women.

  3. Katie- They already DID! Years ago,
    after I revealed in Star that Tom Cruise was a Scientologist

  4. No, we haven’t seen those $cientology ads on tv, because they only run them in LA & a few cities.

  5. Katie- After story came out , strange men started calling me claiming to be lawyers working for Star and asked questions about my story. I refused and ckd with Star – they did NOT work for Star. The phone company called me and said they had been getting phone calls from several states asking for a copy of MY phone bill. Scientologists wanted to find out who my source was to punish him or her. Phone company admitted they’d probably get it and they did. They found my source from her phone number – a former Scientologist – and declared her a suppressive person. Her ex husband and sons , who were still still members , refused to see her from then on. Luckily she remarried happily.

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