Who Dunit??


After this actor unexpectedly lost his wife, he had a major life change. Now that he’s single, he’s considered to be a great catch, but it’s unlikely that any lucky ladies will “catch” him. That’s because he now prefers young men. Particularly slender male escorts between 18 and 21. He cruises the web for young men and calls himself “Leo.” If he’s VERY interested in someone he will fly the guy to wherever he is. He brings the escorts to his homes in New York and Los Angeles and is always polite and generous. Sorry, ladies.

Whodunit? Guess Who…

25 thoughts on “Who Dunit??

  1. it sounds suspiciously like Liam Neeson. please don’t let it be Liam Neeson.

  2. That was my first thought too, Liam Neeson. Who cares though, as long as he is happy

  3. Stanley Tucci’s wife died of breast cancer, so it wasn’t unexpected. I was thinking Liam Neeson.

  4. Wow, gotta be Liam. I hope he finds happiness and that he didn’t cheat while his wife was alive.

  5. Liam wouldn’t bring escorts to his homes… he has 2 young sons. This sounds like a guy without children. Can’t be Liam.

  6. It could’nt be Liam, he could find what he wants in the Entertainment world.
    This person has to be fat, old and ugly to hire escorts.
    I agree that Mr Neeson wouldnt bring strangers to his home, male or female.

  7. It is Stanley Tucci. Though his wife died, they expected her to survive her bout with breast cancer. He has also very convincingly played a gay dude.

  8. I think it’s Neeson. For some people who hire escorts, it’s about a certain kind of security. They don’t have to worry about unexpected emotional entanglements, are unlikely to have to worry about being stalked, and are less likely to have someone have an image in their mind about the subtext or a potential relationship. People in powerful positions can find it hard to trust people because it is hard to know when someone is using them; but if they pay for a transaction it is agreed and known what is going to happen, and the extent to which it happens.

  9. Is “Leo” a hint? Stanley Tucci is a Leo, but Liam played a character called Leo in The Good Mother.

  10. Stanley Tucci’s birthday is in November–not even close to being a Leo–and his three kids are all under 10 years old. I hardly think that he’d be bringing hookers, male or female, into his home.

  11. Sadly, I think it’s Liam Neeson. He played a very convincing gay scene in “Kinsey.” I think he also has a home in New York… SIGH.

  12. I sure hope it’s not Liam Neeson. I read recently he’s been linked to Polish actress and former model Kasia Wolejnio, so hopefully that’s not a beard situation.

  13. It’s Liam. It says he’s considered to be a great catch. What women are into Tucci? Liam has been considered a sex symbol by many and lots of info floating around that he’s hung like a horse.

  14. Don’t know who it is but little BOB has been running rings around the yard hoping he can be identified and try to get included in his stable..not gonna happen too knarly!

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