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Madonna was slapped with a noise abatement order by council officers in her fancy London neighborhood because of something that happened when she was out of town. One recent Sunday several of her neighbors complained that there was extremely loud music and raucous singing coming from her house. Officers investigated and spoke to partygoers on the entry phone – they were told the property owner was not home. After warnings were issued about noise pollution, the party quieted down to a tolerable level. We can’t help but wonder WHO was doing the partying – surely Lourdes was with her mother, wherever she was. That leaves the household help – are they SO repressed and resentful that they have to cut loose when Madonna is away?


  1. I like to imagine it’s Lola and her teenage friends, all rockin’ to old Mom music and blaring AC/DC out the windows. Bang your head Lola!!! woooooo!!!

  2. Yeah, it was the kid. She’s old enough to be at home by herself, which you know she wasn’t really alone when there are so many employees; cooks, housekeepers, guards, etc. Yeah, that kid was rockin OUT! I remember the day! Wonder if she’s up to sneakin out the windows in the night yet?

  3. Shit I’d be partying too if I was finally rid of Madonna. Can you imagine living with this woman? There’s a reason why people eventually run away from her.

    Run Lola Run….

  4. LOL!!!!

    I have been foaming at the mouth over the nonsense in my neighbourhood – loud stereos, excessive partying – since the good weather rolled in over Easter. It is sure sweet to know that rich people are not any better off where this is concerned.

  5. Sebastian: you do know of course that that is ILLEGAL don’t you? The law says if the noise is loud enough to irritate/bother someone else, then it is too loud. Period. And that means 24/7. The distance is 50 feet. Some idiots think they can make as much noise as they want until say 10pm. Nope. My sister is a cop and she just LOVES these kind of calls because these type of idiots invariably have drugs on them and they are the ones calling the most attention to themselves. Go figure! Pick up your phone dear fellow and call that address in. You are intitled to the peace and quiet you pay to have where you live. I do not put up with that crap and if the morons who live around me insist on blaring, then I guess they must enjoy getting frisked and/or hauled away for an uncomfortable stay! But I’m going to get MY peace and quiet if it KILLS THEM!

  6. Ya’ll know that’s what got Matthew McConaughey caught here in Austin, right? He was playing bongos (naked, of course) with the windows open, with a group of other guys (think what you want), with the music going, and the neighbors called the cops. D’oh!

  7. Reta, yes I know. Funnily enough one set of troublemakers shot themselves in the foot by mouthing off to cops who were investigating. As a result they are now on the radar, and behave like a bunch of nuns.

    I know laws exist in both Canada and the U.S., but it all depends on how willing police and bylaw officials are to investigate. In the Toronto area, noise pollution is significantly worse. We need to have Noise Officers as they do in places like Australia.

  8. Can’t wait until Lourdes finds out that her mom was at one time, one of the world’s biggest sluts and piece of garbage.

  9. yeah Lenny, Madonna will have some ‘splainin’to do!

  10. Madonna looks old and worn out. Yes, it’ll be funny when Lourdes finds out what a slut her mother is/was. Also, I wonder if Madonna has the picture of when she was beating up a kid. Madonna is truly garbage.

  11. Madonna’s outfit is cool.
    Madonna beat up someone? She’s got the arms for it, and the intensity, but I doubt it.

  12. The thing is some times people are not into the music you love and that could be a major problem and at times when your used to listening to so many types of music..You start to miss the music and at times the Hunger really hits and that is when people have a tendancy to blast the music and get what they want and that is loud and up beat and dance your ass off music and most of all with force and with a real kick and you start to fill better with more and more and more music and of course your going to get carried away and all in all you always have to remember that when the time comes you have to lower it and not bother other people around you and this person must had got carried away and that is why with the cat is away the mice will play…Because they are not allowed freedom of music when the cat is around and that means that the rat is caught in a trap?

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