Seems like Gwyneth Paltrow is always telling us how to eat with her ever-changing diet ideas. (How SHE became an expert on healthy eating remains a mystery.) We can only imagine how she tortures her family with her food extremes. This month she’s down on carbs and says she won’t feed them to her children – Moses, 6, and Apple, 8, even if they’re very hungry. Lucky for them they have a dad who’s not so rigid. Coldplay frontman Chris Martin was photographed surreptitiously treating the kids to chocolate and potato chips while walking in a London park. This story reminds us of the time Jennifer Aniston was married to Brad Pitt. She had fancy dietetic meals delivered to their house so they could both stay in shape. Brad wasn’t satisfied with spinach and flax seeds, however, and he sneaked out between meals for a snack at In-N-Out Burger.


  1. Brad is never satisfied he sneaks out on just about everything and anybody in his life.

  2. include hamburgers & a gallon of coke and we have a role model american family?

  3. who actually gives a shit what rich ‘celebrities’ eat??

  4. Gwyneth Paltrow’s self anointing as health guru is a major joke. She clearly has incredibly disordered eating and is forcing that onto her children. As someone with an interest in holistic nutrition, I never feed my family processed food, soda or artificially sweetened or coloured food but depriving children of complex carbohydrates is moronic. Children need carbohydrates for proper brain development. Brown rice, buckwheat noodles and quinoa are all options to processed wheat that Gwyneth seems to think are poison. She says she “believes” that her entire family is “sensitive” to an entire food group, yet they haven’t been diagnosed as such. This idiot says that an entire food group is “poison”, yet says she smokes and drinks. Really, for Gwyneth, it’s all about staying skinny and she probably nutritionist and Doctor shops to find ones who agree that it’s all about that and only that as well. She has had osteoporosis for years, worked out for hours each day on very little food, drinks and smokes and then blames carbohydrates for having an episode where she thought she was having a stroke. I’m sure her next book with be about her existing on oxygen only and insisting that every good Doctor and nutritionist she knows, fully agree. She’s an idiot.

  5. I agree weith Melissa. Gwyneth is a self appointed idiot. It seems funny to me not long ago she was eating and drinking her way through Spain with Mario Batali eating golden egg-and-potato tortillas to smoky grilled clams. She downed tons of wine and pasta. Now suddenly it is all poison. I see divorce coming her way.

  6. that little kid in the picture with the long blond hair, is that her son? Yikes.

  7. That is her daughter “Apple”. The ironic thing is that apples are probably the food she’ll brand as “poison” and ban next.

  8. There is always been something about Gwn that seems unstable, and I do believe it is her weird ideas about nutrition.

    The last thing I read about their marriage is that he goes his own way and she on hers and that it is collapsing (pics of him on tour w/ groupies in clubs). Who knows.

    DIVA: Correct; she has been with Mario off and on for years eating ‘healthy(?)’ stuff.

    BU: I’m waiting for Brad and Angie to call it quits, but don’t look for it due to the 6 kids and all their shared $million$. Why has there not been a wedding after all the hoopla of him buying her one mill dollar engagement ring. They are so very rich, but so very strange, too.

  9. No worries: Eat potato chips, chocolate, french fries, kale any kind.
    Both live to shorter lives. Destiny.

  10. I don’t like this chick and I don’t care what she eats. Go Away Gwen!!!

  11. Gwen is akin to food, as jenny mccarthy is akin to childhood immunisations.

    Also i’ve never gotten the hoopla around gwiiiiiin, the devilish look in hubby’s face, ha ha, take that bitch. Lol

  12. Gwyn is miserable in this marriage and can’t let go.. she is nuts.

  13. Gwyneth Paltrow is a nutball. She’s an actress who has convinced herself that she knows what we all should eat. She can kiss my Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup lovin’ ASS! I understand that children should be given healthy food so that their bodies develop the way they should. If she does that fine. But don’t tell me what I should eat, bitch! I try to eat healthy foods, but as my doctor told me when we were talking about diets, “a person should NEVER cut out everything they love to eat completely. It will only work on your mind and cause you to binge sooner or later. Practice moderation instead.” Good advice, Dr. Thomas!

  14. Go to her website. She eats normal food like everyone else.
    And her fashion list, no different than what the phony magazines are pushing at women.

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