Jessica Simpson has given up alcohol for the duration of her pregnancy and it’s NOT EASY because her family loves cocktails. So naturally, she asked everyone around her to give it up too. That includes her fiancee Eric Johnson, who enjoyed drinking vodka with Jessica. Jessica’s father Joe gave up his whiskey and her mother Tina gave up Margaritas – at least when Jessica is around. Eric promised not to drink at all until Jessica can drink again.


  1. Americans have made this brainless talented Chav a Billionaire. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  2. If she’s managed to become a billionaire businesswoman Pippa, she’s not so brainless is she?

  3. What a selfish thing for her to ask for. She is not the first person to become pregnant. Everyone else seems to be fine not drinking while pregnant even if others are but she has to ban it from everyone? And that they listened is even crazier.

  4. ^^^^^ Ms. Jessica is the main money-maker by far. When she sez jump they say how high.

  5. I know of many men that have given up drin king while women are carrying there child. I think its awesome. There going through it together & when raising children a lot more will chnage for them. Its all good. There both veyr connected & in tune with what is happening. From what Jessica has said ERIC is very into this

  6. OH pippa don’t be bitter she is no where near a dumb blonde not even close & she sells an excellent product. Its the quality & style & afforability that sells something that other celebrities have not been able to come close too.
    When she plays dumb she is playing her part & PIPPA she caught you right where she wanted too . lol

  7. Pippa Martins-St.Snotty Girl, you’re right Pippa, Americans are different than the Brits.
    A fact the Americans are quite proud of. Too bad the Kippers couldn’t finish the fight way back when.
    Interesting to note the Canadians beat back the Americans…twice, when it mattered.
    Stiff upper lip, wot, Pipps.

  8. I recently read in the Enquirer (or Globe?) that Eric’s former girlfriends say he is lazy, a moocher, and hates to work (just read it, that’s all). She seems to be trading in her former lazy spouse (Nick Lachey) with another one. Word has it that Vanessa has to keep prodding Nick to DO something to make a living. Nevertheless, Jess has a good business head for making money. All I ever heard her talk about was wanting 2 or 3 babies, so I guess she has what she wanted, with or without marriage. I, for one, would not want to be her, regardless of her $$$.

  9. Patrick, I thoroughly enjoyed Ontario/Niagara Falls and the Niagara River on the 3 or 4 visits, altho the check line to get in is a bitch. The food was just OK, but a fish and chips meal was full of grease. I intend to read up Camada soon. Where are you from there?

  10. Jessica Simpson is not a billionaire or a business woman. Years ago, a real business man/shoe designer paid her for the rights to her name and now he brands some of the shoes he designs with her name. He also sells her name to clothing designers to use as a brand. She does not design or do any of the business involved in selling her name which she does not own.

    That billion dollar amount is not what Jessica Simpson worth or even what the line profits. It is only what the guy who owns her name is hoping the line sells in 2012.

    You don’t have to be smart to be rich. Maybe Jessica Simpson is rich, but she is not a billionaire or a business woman or smart.

  11. She apparently has enough to buy Eric’s spermatazoa and pay most of his expenses, such as Britney Spears did with K-Fed. 🙁

    I have read she is quite joyful most of the time to sign her autograph and occasionally chat with fans. *(forget where read it). 🙂

  12. Indy, Vancouver Island, Victoria.
    The capital city of British Columbia.
    Ever heard of Butchart Gardens?

  13. I wish this dead behind the eyes bimbo would just go away and take her pimp daddy with her.

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