We’ve never been huge Heidi Klum fans (we find her a bit stiff on Project Runway) but since she decided to divorce Seal (whom we never liked) we appreciate her more every day. Her behavior and attitude has been impeccable when it came to the split and it’s apparent she really DOES care about her children’s feelings and not just her own. Months after the separation, she was photographed looking chummy with her bodyguard Martin Kristen and Seal leaped at the chance to belittle her. He came to regret his hasty “fornicating with the help” comments and apologized. Now Heidi has admitted she DOES have feelings for Martin and has trusted him with her family for four years. She honestly says she doesn’t know where the relationship will go, if anywhere. What we learned to admire about Heidi is she’s quiet when she should be, and doesn’t LIE.

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  1. Wonder if she regrets making that super steamy video with Seal shortly before they announced the split. It could be considered almost pure porn. What was she thinking?


    After all, he’s…well, you know…

    …he’s black!

    And one consistency in your column, J.C.: You NEVER, EVER take the side of a black person of a white one.

    And I do mean EVER

  3. Excuse me:

    That should have read:

    And one consistency in your column, J.C.: You NEVER, EVER take the side of a black person OVER a white one.

    And I do mean EVER!

  4. Like the white guy on Fox news said, a naked Strom bent over a chair might look like a tub of lard to most people but to racists and retards he looks like Ronald MacDonald welcoming them to a happy meal ..

    Ha she is one arrogant WHITE and doubts that she has a spare 100k around so the money is as likely to be paid as a WHITE is to leave a waitress a tip, Nada!

    Way too Hominid looking!

    Nothing is as arrogant as a self important WHITE and Mitt shows why. Good thing the photo was from the front because his caboose is as wide or wider than even Jesus’s! And even Mormoner!

    Amazing that the Baptists all start drawing together and showing their fangs as soon as someone calls out one of their number….who deserves it. The little “wifie” is one sneaky Wanda June who is willing to step over anything, including morals, to gain some dollars !
    Where is Warren the $$$ Buffet when you need him? Sorry, he’s down at the Taco Bell!

    I’m not retarded, I’m just a drooling racist…. ok maybe a little brain damage … but I can dance dance good.

  5. who is this guy Strom ???? is he a she ? or a she/he maybe ? im bettin shes a he/she or just a chi chi, cabron.

  6. That comment from Seal indicates a very angry ex-spouse. It was meant to hurt.

    I think there is a lot more going on than just a divorce. There are always two sides to each story. We may never know the real dynamics of the relationship so best not to judge on an angry moment.

  7. You are an naive idiot if you really think she doesnt lie. laineygossip wrote in FEBRUARY that Heidi has an Affair with her Bodyguard! And that was the reason for the divorce and i believe her. You know the germans doesnt like heidi either. Heidi was left by Flavio when she was pregnant with her first daughter Leni and he said hes not the father of leni. That menas, she cheated on Flavio and got pregnant. Heidi was never really a faithfull woman. She hops from one guy to the next. she cant keep her legs together. this is her business i wont critizise her BUT to say she doenst lie is very very naive. She has an IMAGE! A mother of 4 who cheats on her husband is never a good idea, people would hate her and see her in a different way. She has lots to loose. Heidi wants to be Mrs.Perfect, its not allowd to think of her like an homewrecker or a sl.t she doesnt want to be the next LeAnn or Kristen….

  8. Oh and its ok to say “uncool” like Aniston , bashing Angelina and Brad for years but what Seal did is not cool because they have kids???? brad and angie have 6 kids an jenjen doesnt care about them and still bashes their parents because its ALL ABOUT HER PITY A:SS.

    Doublestandards much? Americans are sometimes really weird and strange with their naive airheads…………

  9. I personally thought the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ pair that was Heidi and Seal was very strange. He has the worst skin and I’m sure has the cash to get a few dermabrasion treatments. I never really heard him SAY anything, but he can’t sing for shit. I could get a recording contract if Seal can. The way he acted about Heidi and the bodyguard showed how little he cares about his children. No matter how he feels about their mother now, he should have brains enough to NOT bash her in the press. Apologies are way too little, too late. Heidi may not be an angel in her relationships, but I agree that she has conducted herself with class and dignity during her separatio from Seal.

  10. Janet you have proved that you are Sybil, bipolar and talk both sides of your mouth. By agreeing with heidi do you think you going to get an invite to lick her twat?

    Obviously, seal was hurt and alone without kids when he made the comment. If the kids here what did said then a grown up told them.

    You look down on seal because he black but he has money, the help is getting paid from the person who has money. The help doesn’t have any money because he is the help. So, he works for her and fucks her what man wouldn’t be mad?

    Seal took the time to adopt the girl when the fat bastard flavio kicked her to the curb and didn’t couldn’t care less about a bastard little girl but seal is bastard while heide ho is living up to her name.

    Why don’t you say the same for arnold when he fucked the help? Why not a medal for fucking her on maria’s bed and splashing to produce a baby?

  11. this is a solved item from lainygossip about heidi

    She’s supposed to be the doting mother. Ask the people who help her with her kids. They certainly don’t agree. First of all she’s never around. And when she’s present she’s distant, not only not involved, but almost irresponsible about it. One of her children may have developmental challenges. As such, diet can exacerbate the issue. Since she can only spend so much time with her children, and often slotted in like appointments in her schedule, she doesn’t bother observing the food requirements that can help with the child’s behaviour. Mom supplies junk food because it’s quick and dirty so that she can get out of there that much faster. When the kid acts out because of the shit he’s just consumed, she’s incapable of dealing with it and takes off anyway. It’s left then to the staff to raise her family.

    How does she treat them? Nannies’ cell phones are confiscated at 8am and not returned until 10pm. There’s a trusting and kind working environment, non? Totally encourages loyalty. As you expect, bosses like this always play favourites. Her favourite? Curiously enough, it’s the bodyguard. He’s been seen rubbing her feet. Of course that had nothing to do with the separation …even though the foot massages have been happening for a while now. It’s not Gwyneth Paltrow.

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