Vanessa Hudgens needs a new boyfriend or an exciting job opportunity because the 22 year old seems to be bored out of her mind. Why else does a successful and beautiful young woman go out and get tattooed in this day and age? What was hot in the 90’s has become tiresome, with tattoo removal offices rivaling tattoo parlors in number. Desperate for excitement, Vanessa got another butterfly tattoo – she has one on her back and this one’s visible on her neck. (Apparently the name Vanessa translates to butterfly in Greek, as if that’s an excuse.) Maybe this is one of the few ways Disney kids can rebel without consequences.

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  1. I’m extremely tired of the tats on celebs. Espiecially when they walk the red carpet in glamorous gowns they’ve spent days or weeks planning for, and then their horrible tats are all over the place, a distraction from the beauty of the gown, hair, makeup, jewelry.

    Kelly Osborne, who I really really like, is one of the worst. She’s now on fashion police, looking cute in pretty clothes and hair and makeup, and those nasty arm tats are blasting out for attention all over the place. Looks like shit!

  2. Reta, I feel the same way. Tattoo(s) just scream ‘low class trash’. These tattooed freaks should just buy a red-carpet dress off the rack, because all you notice is the filthy-looking tats. Vanessa Hudgens is a wack job and Efron was wise to dump her, even tho word is they still hook up whenever the urge arises.

  3. I can’t stand tattoo’s on a woman – it’s not very ‘lady like’, and seeing those sleeve tat’s on a woman just scream walking STD – how can someone think they look good!?!

  4. if i had it to do all over again i would have never gotten the tattoos i have……

  5. I think that tats SCREAM trailer trash.
    Awful, awful, awful. And have you ever seen a tat that several decades old? The skin stretches, the tats fade, and it looks simply awful.

  6. Monarch slave trademark/tattoo. Ever wondered why so many female celebs have such a tattoo? Keep researching…

  7. Tattoos are cheap, common, and low class. I can’t figure out why anyone would want one or how they became popular.

  8. Tats are the bellbottoms of the 70’s, it’s tired and was never cool.

  9. Yep a sign of trash, just like the ghetto hoops on J Lo and other ghetto-centric women.

  10. You forgot the white rockers and white trash with their wife beater shirts on.

  11. No one is unique. People with tattoos are not unique, and neither are the people who claim that they are “above” them. Get over yourselves. Stop judging others.

    I am tired of Janet’s opinion about this (hypocritical too, because rockabilly style men are okay to her.) You lost a long-time fan.

  12. All the asian and east european prostitutes you see in mug shots have ownership tat’s on them, too!

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