When Courtney Stodden shows up at a photo exhibition like she did this weekend, nobody pays much attention to the artwork. As usual the teen bride stole the show, but we’re particularly amused by the fact that actor Elliott Gould posed for a picture with her. The look on his face is priceless. What do you suppose he’s thinking?

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. I’m sure he was thinking……. “I’d like some of that!!!! “

  2. He is clearly thinking, “After this one picture, I hope she goes away”. Awkward!

  3. Elliott is loving it…..his arm is around her for cryin out loud. EG has no problem in the chics department at any age–for him..or them.

  4. Im really sorry for Stodden, shes nothing but a sex slave kitten….

  5. No, he has no problem with chicks because he is a major domo fag.

  6. This girl cannot seriously think she’s sexy! She looks like if somebody (a man) doesn’t have his arm around her, she’ll fall on her face with those obviously fake boobs. I have a rack myself (but nothing like that horror show), so I know what a pain they can be. Somebody is giving this girl some very bad advice on how to be sexy.

  7. He’s thinking i’d like to slap her tits around for a few days. Then wear her clothes afterwards.

  8. It’s not what he was thinking, it’s what he was thinking WITH.

  9. He’s thinking, “I wish Babs had these when we were married”.

  10. Title it the wishful old man with an itch and the bimbo. That sez it all. lol

  11. Old homo’s and lesbo’s usually end up looking pretty gnarly!

  12. The question is, what WASN’T he thinking? The old perv…

  13. He is thinking, “I’m da man with the big titted blonde chick”

    She is thinking. “I like his credit cards”

    He has purchased a companion. She is lapping up the money.

  14. Next will be a picture with Sam Ronson ogling Courtney!

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