Looks like Kim Kardashian is trying to tell us something with this unusual dress. She wore this frock when she had lunch at Craig’s with her mother. Granted, it’s nice to see her NOT wearing a seam-busting tight and revealing mini dress with 8 inch heels, but this is a real surprise! It’s almost Amish or Hasidic looking. Three quarter sleeves, high neck and a full length maxi skirt. Is Kim dropping a hint that she’s pregnant again? Or maybe she figures that if she dresses plain, paparazzi won’t follow her.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

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  1. KK is simply a fag hag, kanye dresses her in insulting choices, and those dodad prints look like big fat dimes.

  2. how great it is to let her gut hang out……

  3. Janet, nobody is interested in this type of rubbish.

  4. Maybe now that she’s Kanye’s “wife” he will want her to dress demurely and not like the whore she always has

  5. Is this what Kim K.’s life has become?? Photos
    every single day looking drab and all alone??
    For years, she has been the center of attention
    and did Not seem to mind. As a Newlywed she looks tired and wore out. Maybe flashbulbs in her face everyday is taking its toll. Smile!!

  6. …………my life is a real mess,

    when married to a F*ggot.

  7. Wow, you can really see in this picture how much plastic surgery she’s had done on her face. She’s just in her early thirties. How soon until she starts looking like Kenny Rogers?

  8. How many BLACK men have penetrated her various openings?

    How much payola does JC receive for these KK threads?

  9. Bloggers that constantly waste keystrokes on any of these folks are desperate for content.

  10. Wow, that dress looks like it came directly off the rack of Omar the tent maker. What a disgusting, vile creature she is.

  11. If she doesn’t want the paparazzi to follow her, perhaps she shouldn’t call them everyday and advise them of her whereabouts. Just sayin’ …

  12. Why is Kim playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey in an alley?
    Or, did she lose her pinanta whacker?

  13. sounds like you’re really really interested Strom, obsessed, you’re always talking about the same, pathetic obsession Strom, get help

  14. See what I suffer and endure to get half that JERK Kanye’s estate.. Please let me get beyond 72 days.. Then Bey divorce Jz.. and I can move on with my life and her x as my new man.. I deserve all the millions of millions..

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